Crosby’s Back

Andddd it’s official. Pittsburgh Penguins superstar and former league MVP Sidney Crosby will return to the lineup tomorrow night as his team takes on the New York Islanders. Crosby has been out of the lineup with concussion-like symptoms since taking back to back head shots early last January. Before he was sidelined, Crosby had 32 goals and 34 assists in just three months of play. It was expected that his absence would only be brief, but his recurring symptoms kept him out of the game for close to a full year, fueling speculation that his career was in jeopardy. His return to the game is not only of major importance for his team and the fans in Pittsburgh, but for the entire league and hockey fans everywhere.

Here are what some top NHL stars have to say about Sid’s importance to the game:


And in case you forgot how insanely awesome he is, here are some highlights to remind you: