This Eagles fan is nicknamed “Angry Greg Ryan,” and for good reason. Check out the below video of Angry Greg Ryan expressing his disdain for the Eagles play during their 21-17 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. This fine specimen of life (Angry Greg Ryan) makes me want to hit up this bar on an Eagles game day just to be witness to another post game therapy session like the below.

via The 700 level

  • urkidding

    have another beer guy, btw this must be one of those “family” bars where you can teach the kids how to be responsible adults. or at least show them how not to act as a adult.

    just saying. i see the kids in the background and this drunk with a drink in his hand spewing his opinion. i think if you take injuries into account, the eagles would be doing a lot better.

    but this fan thinks that the qb is what wins the game, what a drunk . t e a m w o r k.

    if youre blocking and running the routes correctly then there is no interception.
    if the defense keeps the other side from scoring touchdowns…..

    its the mass media fed sheeple herds that make superstars out of the quarterbacks.

    when the qb isnt evne the play caller anymore. hell most coaches dont call the plays either the offensive coach or defensive coaches do. most times its the booth relaying to the asst coaches, who replay to eh qb thru the bluetooth. the linemen and recievers get signals and so do the defense.

    freekin drunk philly fans crack me up. hows those 76rs doing? and maybe the phillies got some game next year too. oh yeah , arnt the flyers having a ok season, roflmfao, GO PHILLY! NOT!

  • WD

    I think he’ll feel better after he has a good cry.

  • Sweet Lou

    I thought he’d be angrier.