I’ve got to be honest, the first time I wrote about the “Tebometer” I thought it was a funny little gimmick.  But I never really considered the possibility that it could last.  There were two potential scenarios: either he would stink and end up back on the bench, or be mediocre enough to get his completion rate above 50%.  Yet somehow neither of those is the case.  He can’t throw the ball in the ocean, but his team is winning games.  So for now, his quest continues.

Tim Tebow’s stats from Sunday vs. the Chiefs: 2-8, for 69 yards.  All 31 other starting QB’s, and 2 backups, put up better passing numbers than he did last weekend.  For his career he’s now 88-187, which puts his completion rate at 47.1%, down from 48% last week.

And how about this tidbit: it’s been 29 years since an NFL team won a game with fewer than 10 pass attempts and only 2 completions.  And that was the infamous “Snow Plow Game”  in 1982 when the Pats beat the Dolphins 3-0.  Steve Grogan went 2-5 in a blizzard on that December day in Foxboro.  The other day in Kansas City it was 57 degrees and slightly overcast.

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  • Patrick Manley

    Tim Tebow is simply a winner …in both football and life . He is both loved and hated for the same reasons . He is the man most men wished they were . A strong , motivated ,high achiever , educated , moral ,ethical , distinguished gentlemen with tremendous leadership qualities . Those who admire him appreciate these things and those that hate him truly show their envy / jealousy . At least those reasons are understandable . Anyone who just hates him to hate him is simply an insecure dumb ass .
    Whether or not he wins another football game , he will still be this man with the same qualities .
    BTW , many people like to quote his passing percentage . I believe the higher standard in sports is his WINNING PERCENTAGE !!! this season and his entire football career .