Stephen Tulloch of the Detroit Lions pulled the ultimate “Tebow” by sacking Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos and immediately celebrating it with a “Tebow.” If you have been missing from the internet for the past week you can brush on what “Tebowing” is HERE.













It happened again when former Denver Bronco Tony Scheffler scored:

via Mocksession

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  • Jessica

    Class-less players plain and simple!!

  • Anthony

    @Jessica all they’re doing is celebrating. What about celebrations i “class-less”? Is it because it’s mocking Saint Tebow???

    • va_rog

      It’s classless because Tebow didn’t start the whole “Tebow-ing” idiocy. He spontaneously and predictably (for him) took a moment to thank God after the Miami comeback. Tebow had no control over what some fools on the internet decided to do.

      Scheffler was one of the players that Broncos fans hate Josh McDisaster for getting rid of. But in that moment, I stopped being a Tony Scheffler fan. Neither Tebow nor the Broncos had anything to do with that silly fad. I only hope they were only mocking the fad and not his faith. THAT will turn me into a Detroit Lion hater in a heartbeat.

      • nick

        Oh, i will mock his faith. Tebow has no real skill to be a NFL QB. His throwing motion is a joke, and his in game decision making skills are laughable. The only reason he got drafted as high as he did, and is a starter is because of this christian presona he shoves down everyone’s throat. Denver drafted him, because Christian’s love to throw around money, and what a better way then to buy Tebow crap. I’ll be “Tebow-ing” before I take a #2 every day.

      • Dustin Engel

        well him doing tebowing last sunday didnt help him you cant pray to god when he plays QB for the other team, and Tebows a joke he aint QB matural hes a ball hog, so its a good thing everybody mokes him. oh and heard of Gronking Rob Gronkowski didnt start the spike he just made it famous, so the way your saying things is if anybody else spikes something there moking him (intemadating him) its a celebration nothing more drop it

  • Billy Bob

    WOOOOHOOO…….It cracked me up. Next week I will pray to the Dark Lord….that good guy isnt available every sunday…..Maybe Satan is more dependable…….LOL

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  • mrselway7

    The Lions were always a team that was terrible …they are finally up to par with the rest of the NFL. Does this give them the right to mock other players especially actions of faith. How many other players “Thank the Lord above first and foremost” and these players are not getting mocked for their religious views. Tony Sheffler is by far the biggest pansy in the NFL. His actions were embarassing for every Denver fan out there. He was a Bronco and because of his childish behavior of not getting playing time he “asked to be traded.” Mocking a team that you were beating by 30 points is bottom line CLASSLESS. Karma Detroit Karma.

    • Dustin Engel

      you cant say the lions were terrible they had one bad season that dont mean anything, since the Colts sucked this season does that mean their terrible no it just wasnt there season, and you cant call a man a pansy for moking someone he had the balls to do it didnt he?

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