The Josh Hamilton story is one which has the making of a movie in 5 years, and that could have been sped up had his 10th inning blast in Game 6 of the World Series been a game winner.  Instead of Game 6 being the closing scene of the movie, it will now be a lengthy chapter which is still extremely deep in dramatics.  Hamilton said in a post game interview that God had told him he was going to hit a home run:

“He told me, ‘You haven’t hit one in a while, and this is the time you’re going to,’ ” said Hamilton, who had gone 65 at-bats in the postseason without a home run. “You know what? I probably had the most relaxed, peaceful at-bat I’ve had of the whole series at that moment. It’s pretty cool. You ought to try it sometime.”

Unfortunately for Hamilton and the Rangers, the voice speaking said nothing about winning the game:

“There was a period at the end of [the sentence],” Hamilton said. “He didn’t say, ‘You’re going to hit it and you’re going to win.’ “

Who is to argue that Hamilton heard God’s voice, or a voice of someone in the stands?  I definitely won’t, but I will be seeing the movie, especially if Hamilton leads the Rangers to a victory in Game 7.

via Foul Territory

  • Jinx

    Really? God told him? That thing talking to you is your subconscious dude. Don’t be brainwashed like everyone else into thinking a God had something to do with you hitting a homerun. If there was a god, then there would be no world suffering.

    • DQ

      God? If there were no PEOPLE there would be no world suffering, we do it to ourselves, remember. God doesn’t have to swoop in to prevent every wrongdoing, its called free will. So Hamilton says God told him he’d hit a home run. People who talk to God regularly know that God talks back. The people who don’t believe? Well, there’s a good article about Mike Napoli you’ll probably enjoy….

      • GODS Bless America!

        Bbb…bbbb….bbb….bbbut which God are we talking to?

  • GODS Bless America!

    Now which God are we talking about here?

    Christian Religion, there is only One God, who is a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit

    In the Jewish Religion, there is only one God, Jehovah. In deference to Judaism, G_d is the correct spelling.

    In the Islamic Religion, there is only one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. Allah has no intermediaries, no spouse, no children, and thus, Allah is One.

    In the Sikh Religion, there is only One, Hari; who has many names and many forms.

    In the Buddhist Religion, there are many Buddha’s, but not all Buddhists are deists or worshippers of Idols of Buddha. The first Buddha to attain enlightenment is Gautama Buddha, who is worshipped as a God in some strands of Buddhism.

    In the Hindu Religion, there is one Formless God and a trinity of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer Gods.

    There are many other gods and consorts.

    In the Parsee Religion, Zoroastrianism, there is Ormazd, sometimes called “Ahura Mazda” or simply “Mazda”, the most well known of their Gods.

    There were other deities.

    African religion has many deities

    Mayan religion has many deities

    Ancient Greek and Roman religions all had deities also.

    The American Indians had their deities

    Australian Aboriginals had their Gods and the Dreamtime.

    There were Norse Gods, Scandinavian Gods, Celtic Gods, Druidic Gods, along with nature religions also.

    Where ever there is mankind, there you will find worshipers of the Divine.