Usually, at least in my experience with Time Warner, these things get worked out before the deadline cause subscribers will bomb the provider with calls so that the higher ups making the deal feel the heat. It’s important to note that Fox broadcast stations and Fox News Channel are not involved in the negotiations so NFL on Fox and UFC on Fox are not in trouble.

In other DirecTV news I just learned/googled that G4 will be dropped by DirecTV on 11-1-11. Yup, that means no more Sara Underwood on mute for you folks with DirecTV.


DirecTV has informed Fox that they will drop all of its channels on 11/1 unless the sides reach an agreement on a contract dispute according to a story in the Hollywood Reporter.

Fox released the information late Thursday saying they have offered an extension to the carrier while negotiations between the sides continue.

“They have given us no chance to respond before taking an unnecessarily aggressive posture and going public,” said Fox network officials in a released statement. “It is disappointing that they have chosen bad faith tactics over meaningful negotiations.”

Fox claimed they were willing to keep the same prices as in the most recent deal, which expired on 9/30. DirecTV has kept Fox programming on for the past three weeks under the terms of the expired deal.

It will not affect carriage of the Fox network itself.

DirecTV claims Fox has asked for a 40% increase in fees to carry the stations which include Fox Business Channel, FX, Fox Sports Net Stations, Fox Movie Channel, Speed, Fuel TV Fox Soccer, Fox Deportes and the National Geographic Channel.

Historically, these negotiations usually don’t result in losses of stations for very long.

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  • Damon

    Sure these negotiations are worked out before the deadline most of the time; however, it is still a definite possibility that the channels will be removed. For example, last year, FOX pulled many of their channels from my employer DISH Network’s lineup. Should these channels be taken down from DirecTV’s lineup, customers won’t be very happy. I would know, because Sons of Anarchy was gone for a long time and it was frustrating not being able to watch when I wanted. Thankfully, DISH was able to work out an agreement with FOX so that these channels are going to stay. I hope that the negotiations are fixed, just because I know how sticky these situations can get.

    • Carly D

      did it effect you local fox network that shows american idol , ect

  • Carly D

    i hope it doesn’t effect local fox channel, b/c i’m a huge American Idol fan if it does effect this channel it better be back on before next year ! are there will be some mad idol fans scream for fox

  • CarolJ

    It always seems to boil down to about my monthly bill…you take away all the fox channels…I watch so I better see an adjustment in my bill..lower… or bye bye Directv

  • Andy

    People should read and understand the contract they are signing up for. Up to the small prints.

    As far as I know, how service providers (Comcast, Dish, DirecTV) business works is that, they can only broadcast the channels which they have RIGHTS to broadcast. If channels like FOX DEMAND price increase for the service providers to broadcast their channels, the eventual effect is that service providers wont have a choice but to pass on the price increase to their customers packages and bills.

    Naturally, service providers do not want that substantial increase in their customers bills because that would mean more dissatisfied customers and lose of profits. That is why they are negotiating with channels like Fox to get a REASONABLE price to broadcast their channels.

    As I can see, some channels who demand price increase to service providers play it nasty. They would release ads against the service providers to shaken the customers. Customers will then react and call their service providers disputing and threatening to cancel the service if they lose the channels that are important to them. They do this to pressure the service providers to give in to the price increase that they are demanding from the service providers. This happened to Dish, Comcast last year and now its happening to DirecTV. Obviously, NO SERVICE PROVIDER IS IMMUNE TO THIS even if you switch providers. They are creating something like an “ITCH” that the customers SCRATCH it, we will only end up with RASHES (higher bills).

    Customers and their service providers should be working together to pressure the channels to lower their price or at least give reasonable price to broadcast their channels.

  • meg

    40% !!!!! that’s almost half more than what they pay now!! That’s ridiculous. I watch the weather channel which is where they all get their info anyways! The news just causes stress. soon as you turn the tv, there sets your mood for the day. what do you see? all the bad stuff from all over the world making it hard to focus on your days tasks and your own family problems. Not a good way to start off your day. Not to mention you can surly bet if they do agree, your bill will go up to pay for it. so for all you masochistic people who thrive on other peoples pain, you watch the news. I will stick with taking care of my family and myself and the “need to know”.