Following the 49ers’ 25-19 victory over the Lions, Jim Harbaugh decided it would be a good idea to jump around Ford Field celebrating like he won a Super Bowl.  Jim Schwartz took exception to the excessive celebrating and chased down Harbaugh to let him know of his displeasure.  The two had to be physically separated when Schwartz caught up to Harbaugh, and the teams also decided to get involved.

Eric Branch, Vernon Davis and Anthony Davis were some of the San Francisco players who kept Schwartz away from Harbaugh.

When asked about the incident, Harbaugh responded:

“I was really revved up. That wasn’t me, just shook his hand too hard. … That’s on me. Handshake was too hard.”

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Here is Jim Schwartz giving his postgame conference and addressing the issue:

“I went to congratulate [Jim] Harbaugh and got shoved out of the way. . . .  I didn’t expect an obscenity at that point.”

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video via @jose3030

  • Darth Dick


  • Darth Dick

    Would love to have that guy as a coach … ” don’t like it, then beat us” with Alex smith, no less … WTF?!?!?

    • Go Blue!

      Went to high school with jim, he is, and always will be a tool!

      • Darth Dick

        I am sure opinion matters to someone

    • Geno

      Rookie coach, rookie move.Doing a great job for the Niners, but that was bush league.

  • BackSlapper

    Schwartz’s just a crybaby

  • a302rs

    Jim Harbaugh has been crowned a Dick in my book. what a jerk

    • Holden Caulfield

      Hahahahahahaha— suck it. As for your book? C’mon we all know you’re illiterate in Detroit. There’s no book!

      • PooperScooper

        and we know that everyone from San Francisco loves the smell of their own farts!

    • Chad

      I guess if you have never been a winner and had cause to celebrate you’ll always be a whiner.

      • Theresa

        Wow, I guess if you know nothing about the guy you are talking about then you really shouldn’t say anything should you? So since the only thing I know about you is that you obviously don’t know Jim’s coaching history (and I know him personally as well btw great stand up guy too)…can you call yourself an idiot? I’m sure you know you are one.

        • Leon Stephens

          Jim Harbaugh acted like a bush league coach that had never won a game in his life. He thinks the “handshake was too hard”. He failed to notice how he actually pushed Jim Schwartz away with his left hand.That was disrespectful to anyone, let alone the opposing coach. No matter how long you have known him, there is no letting him off the hook for this immature, rookie behavior. Reverse the role and see what your response would be. Jim Harbaugh is the face of the Forty Niners.Right now that face is covered in cow dung.

          • CONINERLOVER

            My response would be this #1 this has been blown way out of proportion, and #2 Harbaugh has every right to be excited by the win. The media had the Niners beat before they ever took the field. The Lions were running their mouths all week long about how Suh was going to be all over Alex Smith, and that the Niners wouldnt be able to stop “megtron” hell, Jahvid Best even said he was going to run all over the Niners D. None of that happened and now Schwartz is crying like a baby. Suck it up buttercup.

          • Darth Dick

            U sound like a wimp… Or a woman. Pick your poison while you’re up there on your high horse, nancy.

      • Carol Gordy

        Ummmm…..Never been a winner? Really? Maybe you need to read a little bit of football history. The NINERS have WON 5 SUPERBOWLS!!! YES!! 5!!!!
        And, it looks like we may be winning another one!!! ha ha ha! The Last one we won was in 1995!!! AND YOU?

        The Lions have won four NFL Championships, the last in 1957, giving the club the second-longest NFL championship drought behind the Arizona Cardinals. The Lions are one of four current NFL teams that have yet to qualify for the Super Bowl. The 2008 team became the only team in NFL history to lose all 16 regular season games since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule in 1978

  • griffin01

    Agree 1000% with Schwartz!!!!!!!! Harbaugh shouldn’t be acting like he just won the superbowl. It’s only game #6 dude, relax its a long season. I mean its a great win but he really needs to act like they have been there before and expect to win. Not run around like an idiot. Do you think Vince Lombardi or some of the other coaching greats would behave like that?

    • Dan

      Get over it. This is football. If you can’t handle the excitment, watch golf

    • Holden Caulfield

      Vince Lombardi is dead old man– get over it.

    • Beth

      Seriously “Dude”? Vince Lombardi wouldn’t be worrying about a handshake that was “too hard” waaaaah waaaah!! Love to see a young coach like Harbaugh excited for a win. And yes it was a great win!!!! Schwartz is a sore LOSER!!

      • Paige


      • George

        You are right … Jim Schwartz is a sore loser. That is what makes him a great coach. But he did walk over to congratulate Harbaugh and shake hands. Harbaugh acted like the jerk he always has been. We remember him from when he played for the LIons.

    • David

      Did any of you “Swartz- is – such- the gentleman/sportsman” see that little B***H running after Harbaugh? What the heck was that? Would Vince Lombardi react like Swartz????

      You are retarded if you can’t exress your love of the game and excitement after taking your team to someone else’s house and taking care of business (especially as a rookie coach).

      I agree, if you can’t handle passion and excitement, then watch GOLF!!!

    • Carol Gordy

      Everyone on ESPN & The Bleacher report says it was Schwartz who was cussing, and chasing Harbough because he was “upset” that Harbough was so excited about the win. What a jerk Schwartz is. If Harbough wants to celebrate then he can!!! he WON!! GET IT? Just another sore loser!!! Better get used to it. The Lions wil lose again, they are not that good. And the bad calls, especially about the touchdown. It was a touchdown and a bad call. But, we won anyway. It should have been 32 to 19 NINERS! January…..we will WIN again!

  • Har-bum

    Crybaby, no. Schwartz is a man and if you run your mouth he will call you on it like a man should. Go ahead and run away celebrating like you’ve never been there before. Celebrate on the sidelines when the clock goes 0:00 sure. But running around like a little cheerleader in the middle of the field talking trash to the other coach…well, watch your back because as I said before Schwartz is a man.

    • Dan

      ARe you kidding me? Watch your back? bawhahaha. Dude, this is football, not gang warfare. The guy is excited to beat an undefeated team. The guy is excited because he is taking this team to another level. Schwartz is a cry baby because his hand was squeezed too hard? He didn’t taunt him. Harbaugh is a very good coach to take this so called “lousy team” to a victory. I am not sure of it, but it seems perhaps you never ever played on any sports teams because you can’t relate to the guys excitment. Schwartz should worry about next week, make it to the playoffs and then he may have a chance to get “revenge” for you.

      • manill

        I agree! Total cry baby! I only saw good old fashion excitement from Harbaugh. The taunting I saw was from Schwartz running after Harbaugh trying to start something.. Maybe Schwartz is PMS’ing and is just over emotional today with his upset loss!

        • DUDE

          Agreed! he is a CRY BABY! Its just football! excitement is all part of it! I’d love to see more coaches that gets excited for a win like jim. Play every game like its your last game and win it like its a superbowl, thats the excitement we pay these guys millions of dollars to see! Its part of th enertainment.

        • Dan

          you tell em Manill

    • Holden Caulfield

      Schwartz is no man- and neither are you. Harbaugh wold beat him down if it cam to punches. Detroit is for losers!



        • lakititi2010

          at least you can take a loss. you should talk to your wimpy ass coachand give him pointers so he won’t lose his cool next time.
          and what’s a good old fashioned detroit beat down? falling in line for welfare and house aid?

        • NINERGIRL

          LMAO!! Ohhhh so tuff on here! Detroit! hahahahaha! YOU haven’t won a superbowl since 1957!!! WE HAVE WON..5!!!! Last one in 1995. Maybe again this year! You have nothing! Except an empty brain, & a BIG Mouth! & Harbough could beat your little shrimp coach anyday of the week. & everyone knows Detroit is a ghost town….with nothing but Thugs living there. We have the most beautiful city in the country!! You have a ghost city!

    • Har-bum

      You two are real morons. My point is that Schwarts will run him down and call him on his conduct. Gang warfare? That only happens in the bay area where your fans shoot each other at preseason games. How many people got hurt this past year at that by the way? Bunch of thugs and wannabe sports fans. Oh and you’ve really hurt me, I’ve never played sports, I think I might cry… Ha ha I’m not going to even justify your stupidity with a response to that. Go re-read my post. If you’re a coach celebrate like a man on the sidelines, go shake the other coaches hand and move on to next week. Nothing but a bunch of cheerleaders..

      • Bill

        Schwartz is a cry baby! Like the guy said if you can’t handle the excitement…WATCH GOLF!

      • Dan

        haha, Har-bum, you are a little man regardless of how tall you are. All your insight is simply your own personal opinion which it seems, no one supports. We know you never played sports. We can tell by your lack of understanding of excitment when you give your all and win. You are not a player, a coach, or from your posts, not a very good fan. Where does it say “in order to be considered a professional, you must never celebrate a victory…”? Harbaugh not only shook his hand, he patted him on the back. If that is classless, then so be it. O, yeah, if you never played or coached, and never were a cheerleader, what exactly are you? No gang warfare in Detroit? Are you that stupid or do you simply live in a box? Your team got beat down lol so just suck it up, wipe the tears from your eyes, and have a ba ba.

      • Dan

        Most Dangerous Cities In America: Detroit Tops Forbes’ List October 16, 2011
        Dude, get “your” facts straight before you make “false” statements such as “Gang warfare? That only happens in the bay area…” considering your city seems to have finished “first” in something. You totally made this VICTORY sweeter lol bahahahahahahaha


        U R AN Idiot! U can’t even spell Schwartz! He was the one calling anmes and running after Harbough like some idiot! He made an azz of himself!! Jealous that we beat him & his lousy team. Like I said you haven’t won a superbowl since 1957. We won 5, ;last one in 1995. Ok, now U can go back to crying!!!SORE LOSER!!!!

    • SoJo

      Schwartz is a dick.. and a crybaby. A man would have gone to the locker room rather than go after a guy who could kick his sorry ass. Harbaugh didn’t curse at him, look at the replay.

    • David

      Is THAT how a “man” reacts when he doesn’t like how someone shakes his hand (chasing after Harbaugh and wanting to fight)? WOW!!! What a little b***h! I’d be embarrassed if I were a Lion…

    • Reality Check

      If Schwartz is a man, as you state, then Harbaugh shouldn’t have to watch his back. Schwartz had plenty of chances to be above it and just walk away, Harbaugh’s activities is no reason to condone Schwartz’s actions.

    • NinerGirl

      LMAO!!! Schwartz made an a## of himself!! Running after Harbough….what an idiot! What he can’t stand to see the other coach celebrating??? Needs a hanky? LMAO!! What a little twirp! And an embarrasement! Schwartz is a baby & a lousy coach to set that example!

  • oaklanddan

    Jimmy needs to look up professional in the dictionary.

    • Dan

      did you mean “professionalism? 1.professional standards: the skill, competence, or character expected of a member of a highly trained profession
      What exactly are you expecting in the game of football? I don’t see anything that says he cannot be excited. It is okay to spike the ball when you score. It is okay to do a dance in the endzone. But your saying a coach cannot be excited about a victory and shake a guys hand and pat him on the back? So your saying what Jim H did is classless? Dude, you need to be watching synchronized swimming or something else

    • Holden Caulfield

      Dude, you live in Oakland. HA!

  • LOLEffect

    It is a bummer that the only heart left in Detroit is the head coach (see detroit last 4 minutes). Harbaugh is super fired up after getting no love from the media regarding his niners being for real while the other sideline was basking in the ESPN love. The niners commited way too many penalties and still won. Detroit is going to be sick, but for now, they need to realize they are not a top 5 team by default and are not going to win every game in the second half. Detroit has tons of talent, but little heart….SF, low talent but the biggest heart in the NFL right now. Schwartz, stop crying and figure out how to win your next game. You got beat at home by a lesser team. Deal with it. Besides, Harbaugh actually played in the NFL and probably would have beat you down.

    • Dan

      nice and to the point. very well stated LOLEffect

  • red

    So Schwartz doesn’t want people to celebrate when they get beat, cmon man! Looks like this coach is a sore loser.

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  • red

    Remember what Schwartz did when the Lions beat the Vikings at the Metrodome he was just as excited on the field and you didn’t see Frazier go over and get in his face, what a hippocrate.

    • Har-bum

      Schwartz celebrates as he leaves the sidelines. Not in the middle of the field as he shakes the hand of the opposing coach. Classless. Pulling your shirt up and jumping around, reallly? Get a grip on yourself. When did coaches go from being men with respect and honor(Lombardi) to a bunch of mouthy little kids fighting with each other.

      • BengalsFan

        Quit being a little pussy. Don’t like the way they celebrate? Don’t give them a reason to celebrate.

    • Dan

      Well said Red

    • Big Sky

      Jim Schwartz gets JUST as excited as Jim Harbaugh (Lions vs Vikings). Football is an emotional game, as it should be. Unfortunately, Schwartz couldn’t handle seeing someone act just like he does on his home field. Schwartz needs to focus on fixing what went wrong with the Lions’ defense during the last half of the fourth quarter. Jim Schwartz was a coach I respected for what he has done to build up a perenially bad team into a very good one. But his actions lost him some respect yesterday from this house.

  • YoloJim

    I seem to recall a similar celebration from Pete Carrol last year when Seattle beat the Niners in fact he seemed to jump around after every first down…get Pete a dress and some pom poms. Harbaugh needs to tone it down, but Schwartz escalated it by bumping Harbaugh and chasing after him. All that said, SF punked Detroit in their own house despite all the penalties, two turnovers and some fairly one-sided officiating. Go Niners!!! Defense is awesome. Willis and Bowman are studs!

    • SoJo

      Hargaugh needs to tone NOTHING down. His tone has the Niners in contention. His team is excelling. Schwartz needs to tone it down and go cry in a corner.

      • mackdaddy

        Well said Sojo, bet mike dingleberry would have rolled over lost and apologized to
        boot, lets not even go there about Nolan,
        Grow a pair than lets see if they stack up to Harbough’s, bet they don’t even come close.

  • Clark

    i agree with harbaugh, who cares, he shouldnt act like hes been there before cuz he hasnt. this is his first season and hes just pumped up, schwartz of all people should know he gets just as revved up just maybe not in the postgame handshake. Harbaugh cares about one thing and thats winning he doesnt care who he pisses off, this was awesome and it made schwartz look like a crybaby having to chase him down the field like that

  • Vinnyup

    Detroit coach looks like Freddy Mercurys straight brother

    • Bill


  • MagneTon

    I really HAD much respect for Harbaugh BEFORE THIS!!! I wouldnt expect an NFL coach in a regular season game running around acting like a 10 year old that’s “going to Disneyland” after winning the Willie Wonka lottery or something, flipping up his shirt jumping around slapping people on back, etc. One more thing, why are both teams exiting the same tunnel??? One last rhetorical, I guess its a good thing Suh wasnt nearby as it would have likely taken 4-5 9ers to try to take him if he was torqued off. Clearly hes a man amongst boys. Lastly, congrats to the 49ers for pulling out a close one. Harbaugh is also lucky Tom Cable’s not a head coach and in the league as he possibly would have cracked his jaw for that. Congrats to the Lions for the turnaround, as they will likely make the playoffs.

    PS I am a neutral fan

    • YoloJim

      If Suh was able to handle 4-5 Niners, maybe he should have done it during the game. Did you see something other than the rest of us watched, because he was good, but nothing special today.

    • bear

      go bears

  • Really…………………come on! The niners almost lost and took the deserving win in the last few minutes. It was an awesome game, action packed to the end! If any man were in the same situation you would have done the same. Since when did shaking his hand,hitting him on the back and saying good game become a bad thing? You should have seen how excited we all were at my house. Man up Schwartz!

  • great game. alex almost gave it away. but the rest of the team is just awsome including jim.

  • tropicalisle

    Schwartz is such a cry baby and he wanted an extra minute so he could take his shots at Harbaugh. He doesn’t seem to know how very lucky he was that they were separated. I think he would have been knocked out cold!

  • jimbo26

    I don’t know if any of you saw it but swartz was talking s**t across the field during the game, so if he can’t handle losing or a strong handshake then he should keep his mouth shut. Good job harbaugh keep it up and party it up i detroit tonight and celebrate!!!

  • Dan

    It’s one thing to be excited as a head coach but when it’s time to shake hands with the opposing coach man up and have some class, act your age, become professional and do the proper thing and shake hands like a grown man Then head into the locker room to celebrate with the team. Good Luck to the 49er’s if they ever have to play the Lions again, it’ll be a blood bath.

  • Frampton

    Harbaugh has always been at total classless tool. Doesn’t matter if his teams win or lose his always acts like a complete and utterly classless moron. Grow up, Jim! You’re coaching in the NFL not Pop Warner football!

  • K

    Harbaugh was uncomfortable on the sideline the whole game. Maybe he was intimidated by our 5-0 Lions, then just wigged out when they beat us.

    Hello…you’re a pro football coach. Act like one ok?

  • Theresa

    Seriously people, I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim H. since he was here in Indy and he is NOTHING less then a stand up guy. He was just excited about a HUGE win against an undefeated team. As for the novices that post on here with comments saying things like Jim doesn’t know what a win feels like, you obviously have NO idea where he was coaching before this and all of his success now do you? Maybe a little fact checking or a little less slamming of people you know nothing about is in store?

    • bozo

      Like everyone here knows the players and coaches like you supposedly do. this is a venue to speak your mind so have at it friends. I thought the whole incident was funny as hell myself.

    • Harballess

      Harballess, Is a newb and acts he won the Superbowl Detroit will get the last laugh here.Harballess won’t even make the playoffs.Newb’s

      • pklNFL

        A newbie…really???
        What abt you? IMO,it would be…euh…a never been!Nah…

        Gotta give you guys credit tho;its harder than it looks to act like a child!
        When you enter a sports website,forum,blog,etc…theres no need to let
        your IQ on the side.

        I’m sure the age average here is…35-40!!!
        Oh well…

  • GeorgeS.

    What’s the difference between what Schwartz did on the sidelines (pumping his fist in what some consider an obscene gesture towards the Cowboys) and the comment he made about Dallas’ best receiver was Detroit, after the Lions beat the Cowboys 2 weeks ago and what Harbaugh did today? NOTHING!!!!!! Schwartz was just pissed that his team lost! Bad sportsmanship, IMO….

  • Steve

    C’mon…… The Lions are not THAT GOOD! There was no way they were going to go 16-0. In fact, I predict they might not even make the playoffs now that their coach has exposed himself as a wussy boy!

  • Bill

    Schwartz is trying to deflect attention from the fact that his coaching skills in the fourth quarter of this game were pathetic. My dog Spot could have called a better game than this head coach did. If Schwartz does not want opponents celebrating victories on his home field, then he needs to bring his coaching skills up to a level where he can win. He should forfeit his salary for his sorry job in this game.

  • rcentros

    Man up Schwartz. Quit whining. You lost. Get them next time on the field. “He shook my hand too hard.” Really? What is this, kindergarten?

    BTW, I’m not a San Francisco or Detroit fan — though I’m happy for both teams this year.

    • gnik

      Schwartz is a puss, win -lose -or -draw, a handshake or a pat on the back just shows good gamemenship.

  • Ron

    All i can say about the situation is….. ROLL TIDE!

  • kca

    Get a grip– they both did something wrong. Harbaugh should have toned it down a bit and made a respectful effort to shake hands (acknowledge the other coach and team effort). Schwartz compounds the issue by chasing down Harbaugh like an angry puppy. Both out of line— they both have ego issues that were obvious during the game

  • Non-partisan

    I am not a big fan of either team. Normally would pull for SF since I’m from Utah and would tend to pull for Alex Smith, even though I’m BYU fan. However, I watched the end of that game and the way Harbaugh behaved with a very rough slap handshake and an open hand STRIKE to the back of Schwartz, pushing him out of the way. Complete lack of sportsmanship which was very surprising to me, for an NFL coach. Not a very good example to fans, players, or other coaches at all levels. I can understand why Schwartz reacted. Don’t think I’ll ever root for SF this year at all, unless Harbaugh owns up and makes some public apologies without minimizing what he did.

  • Rick K

    I have been a 49er fan before the super bowls back in the Kezar days. The Lions have always been for some reason a rivary, maybe because we both sucked. This was a great game with the lead changes, both teams are coming from terriable recent seasons. Can’t wait for playoffs waiting for rematch. Lions have the Pack the 9ers have no one. Will be routing for Lions, better than some NY team!

  • jj

    I have very little respect for him and his brother. Their super egos-egos are bigger then the sport itself. It was not his handshake it was his left hand when he pushed the Lions
    coach out of the way. As an secondary teacher for over 35 years and former high school
    basketball I have very little respect for this type of behavior. I sincerely hope the NFL
    fined him for his childish behavior

    • Teach

      JJ, what kind of a teacher are you???? Their super egos-egos are bigger then (supposed to be than) the sport itself. It was not his handshake(Where’s your comma) it was his left hand when he pushed the Lions (Lion’s…unless there are multiple Lions teams) coach out of the way. As an (Supposed to be a, not an) secondary teacher for over 35 years and former high school basketball (former basketball, weird thought you were a human) I sincerely hope the NFL fined him for his childish behavior (We don’t use periods either?)

      Don’t lie and pretend you are a teacher. Oh wait….you must be a teacher from Detroit!!!! That explains a lot!

  • LC


  • That’s the way Jim is. He is a passionate person that wants his teams to win. They both could have acted and reacted differently but they didn’t , the real story is how both coaches have turned their teams into winning teams. a direct result of what they bring to the table. I like to see that “lets kick some ass” attitude because the league has gotten way to soft.

  • TB

    Agree with George S. What Harbaugh did was no different than what Schwartz did when the Lions beat Dallas. Apparently it”s OK for him to yell and pump his fist after a win but not OK for another coach to do it. Schwartz needs to grow up and learn how to lose… after all he is the Lions coach.

  • renaldowhat

    winner dark souls

  • Gundy80

    Apparently nobody here has discussed the “f” bomb that Schwartz dropped on Harbaugh from across the field when he said “Know the F’in Rules” when Harbaugh got that 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the 1st half. Harbaugh doesn’t forget stuff like that just as much as he didn’t forget Carroll being an arrogant prick at USC/Seattle. Schwartz, like Carroll, needs to learn when to shut up and that Harbaugh loves nothing more that shutting up people like that. Schwartz needs to check himself like he didn’t in those other incidents earlier in the year. Going back and initiating the contact via shoulder bump will be what gets fined.

    • lakititi2010

      i agree. schwartz is a joke. he does shit like that during the game and when he loses, he screams for sportsmanship and proper decorum. ridiculuous.

  • Johnny Maxx

    The entire Game had me on the edge of my seat, I was hoping the 49ers would unseat the lions. Both teams played with class.
    When the Game was over I was so HAPPY! My team won!

    But what Jim did as a coach in a so called “professional” league took away my high and excitement that i had from watching his 49ers win.

    A real Man is humble even in his greatest conquers
    Johnny Pachivas

    • lakititi2010


      harbaugh has brought fire and attitude to this team. i have no problem with him getting overexcited at such a big win. stop posing as a niner fan to do subtle bashing on jim harbaugh.


        Amen lakititi2010!! Harbaugh is the best thing to happen to this team in a long time! He should be proud and excited for this team, look what they have come from…..and with the lock out even! GO NINERS!!

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  • Gerry

    Great to see a young Coach show some excitement really over due in 49er camp Great job Jim nice to look foward to a 49er game again cant wait till next week. We finally have the right man for the job maybe he will make Alex into the superstar he was supposed to be when we drafted him Jim has brought pride back to 49er nation Detroit coach stop crying take your lumps like a man

  • Alex Akopyan

    Jim Schwartz ought to be fined at least what Joe Horn was fined ($35,000) for the cell phone inside the goal post thing. Joe Horn didn’t even act threateningly towards anyone celebrating that touchdown, whereas Schwartz was clearly trying to start something. Pats on the back are the very thing this world needs more of, Jim Harbaugh was being his friendly-self, and Schwartz simply couldn’t handle it cause his team lost.

  • RK

    I never liked Harbaugh when he played at U of M & I’m still waiting for him to do something to change my mind. Moves like this hasn’t helped one bit. Sure, Schwartz could have kept his cool. I’m sure Harbaugh was excited after beating a 5-0 team… I have to agree with GO BLUE, Harbaugh’s a tool!

  • Miss Trollop

    Who gives a fiddler’s fuk?

  • Karynk

    Everyone has to get over it!!! Alor of things happen in the heat of battle, omg, these are adults not kids on the playground. They should NOT be fined for being pasionate! Let’s have fun with football & forget about this, they are coaching their teams great & don’t need these distractions. PERIOD!!!

  • Airick

    If all we all saw was to the point where Harbaugh shakes his hand and pats him on the back, I dont think Anyone would have thought anything about the situation at all. Just an excited coach-period.
    As much as I like looking at pretty women, I think the issue of too scantilly clad cheerleaders has become much much more an issue to address. Many of them look like porn stars and hookers nowadays. Of course, that’s just more signs of the times we live in.

  • Teach

    JJ, what kind of a teacher are you???? Their super egos-egos are bigger then (supposed to be than) the sport itself. It was not his handshake(Where’s your comma) it was his left hand when he pushed the Lions (Lion’s…unless there are multiple Lions teams) coach out of the way. As an (Supposed to be a, not an) secondary teacher for over 35 years and former high school basketball (former basketball, weird thought you were a human) I sincerely hope the NFL fined him for his childish behavior (We don’t use periods either?)

    Don’t lie and pretend you are a teacher. Oh wait….you must be a teacher from Detroit!!!! That explains a lot!

  • lakititi2010


    what a fucking joke. i’m still waiting on what that “obscenity” that was thrown was. crying and making up stories like a little bitch. what a child.


      You and me both! Schwartz is nothing more than a sore loser and when he couldnt justify running after Harbs he came up with the b.s. obscenity remark, we all know he flipped out because they LOST, at HOME and are embarrassed because they couldnt stop themselves from trash talking all week and nothing they said they would do, was done!

  • Daddyo

    Come on Swartz. Looked like you were a little sad to have your team lose and were just looking for a fight.

  • Mik

    Detroit looked unstoppable against Chicago on last monday night. The 49ers spanked your asses and it must have hurt Swartz the most. He instigated an almost brawl. Sorry Swartz the 49ers coach shook your hand. Next time you should high five our coach. Babywipe…

  • Mik

    The video shows one man curseing. Guess Who Swartz?

  • Crew

    I guess with Swartz being such a little man (in more ways than one), that little slap on the back obviously must have felt more like a shove.

    Hey Swartz, here’s a novel idea– how about coaching a better game next time so your team wins.


    It’s really funny to me how so many want to be all over Harbaugh and talk about HIM being immature blah blah blah but you turn a blind eye to the fact that the guy that is whining about the way Harbaugh shook his hand is the immature cry baby that chased him down as if they were on a playground and Harbs took his ball….the Lions lost a hard fought game and they (as well as their fans) need to accept it and move on.