The New England Patriots running back Danny Woodhead’s helmet took a beating on Thursday night after he was blindsided on a kickoff return by Buccaneers safety Devin Holland.  We can only assume that Holland will be receiving a call from the NFL front office as it looked like a clear helmet to helmet hit.  Woodhead wasn’t completely out but was very woozy and stumbling as he left the field.

Danny Woodhead sat smiling in the locker room post-game and responded with, “I feel fine,” when asked how he was feeling after the hit.

The Patriots beat Tampa Bay 31-14.

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  • beagamer

    If Su was fined $20,000 for what he did, Holland should be fined $100,000. Just keep fining everyone and it will go away, NOT! He Commish, if you want to take the hits out of football, go back to the old helmets or no helmets, it’s the only way.

  • KennLWoodard

    I say keep fining them. Fine them the BIG BUCKS. Not some pussy fine. Make’m pay! Like 50-thousand, 100-thousand, 250k! That’ll get their attention real quick Men who play this game are like little boys. When a little boy disobeys you take away his favorite toy. In the case of the professional football player its money. Lots of money. HELL they got it. Take some of it away. They’ll obey the rules real quick!!!

  • beagamer

    Fining does no good. NONE! It’s already been shown that money isn’t the reason for the hits. It’s the athleticism that these guys have. You cannot blame the player for being an athlete. Do you really the guys making the hits is actually thinking about money during the game? Not a chance. Just like in baseball, let the players take care of the hits with another hit on him.

  • JasonMalki

    WOW, he got hit HARD, Woodhead is a RB though, so he gets hit all game, so I dont think it will be that serious. The other player should get fined and that should be the end of it. Sign up for a free account at thanks.

  • lordbacon369

    Head to head, he better be fined.