It's the thrill of the fight


Our friends over at SBTC were kind enough to provide us with a new mixtape today, one that contains 18 different versions of the “Rocky III” anthem “Eye Of The Tiger”.

With new mixtapes and albums dropping hot fire from the sky, it seems, I thought it would be criminal not to let you take a gander at this one.  It’s rising up, straight to he top.  If this mixtape had breasts I’d be fondling them for the next six hours.

Download it via the link above, put the lights down low, grab some baby oil and enjoy your Friday!

1. Survivor “Eye of the Tiger”
2. Big Daddy “Eye of the Tiger”
3. Crew 7 “Eye of the Tiger (Dancehall mix, radio edit)”
4. Altiyan Childs “Eye of the Tiger”
5. Willfire “Eye of the Tiger (feat. Slash, Football Republic Number One edit)”
6. Koto “Eye of the Tiger”
7. Hope “Eye of the Tiger”
8. Electrokid “Eye of the Tiger”
9. Partynator “Eye of the Tiger”
10. The Youngers “Eye of the Tiger”
11. Wise Guys “Eye of the Tiger”
12. Nicotine “Eye of the Tiger”
13. “Weird Al” Yankovic “Theme from Rocky XIII
14. Peteril “Eye of the Tiger”
15. Gloria Gaynor “Eye of the Tiger”
16. Night Hawk “Eye of the Tiger”
17. Survivor vs. Sir Mix-a-Lot “Eye Like Big Tiger Butts (Jaapblaatschaap mash)”
18. Dirty Disco Youth “Eye of the Tiger 2009″