BSC 2011 - wEEK 30

Good morning, campers!  We’ve reached Week Thirty in the Big Skeezy Challenge 2011 and my what a ride it’s been so far!  Last week we saw Big Skeezy take on the lemonade diet and, on top of that, the salt water flush for five consecutive days.  It ended up resulting in a four pound loss putting our friend at 285 and only fourteen pounds away from his Hundred Pound Beer.  Skeeze was back on solid food this week.  How do you think he’d fare in a post-flush world?  Let’s break it down:

I have to tell you, being back on solid food is awesome.  There was a part of me that kind of missed that lemonade stuff, though, because after you drink something exclusively for five days you start to get kind of fond if not dependent upon it.  As tasty as that beverage was, however, I wasn’t about to go back to it…not yet, anyway.

Tuesday was an interesting day for me but one that requires a bit of backstory.  I have a friend who we’ll call “Jenn”.  She has been with a cheerleading organization for a little over a year now.  They do non-profit work, cheering at various events throughout California to raise money for breast cancer, AIDS, etc.  Recently, another friend of mine (who we’ll call “Katie”) decided she’d like to give it whirl and, with auditions around the corner, she asked Jenn to run her through a few things so she could get her cheer legs back under her.  This particular squad does a lot of stunting, which is the stuff where you see girls go flying every which way into the air.  Jenn needed someone to come and be what’s called the back spot, which is the tall guy in the back who’s there to both hurl and catch the young lady “flyer”.  Naturally, she asked me to come help.  I did so for about an hour the night before the first round of tryouts.

We stopped to have a drink and we were discussing her squad and tryouts and such.  She convinced me to come along to the first round, which was Tuesday night.  What I was thinking was that it would not only be a pretty good workout but might also make for an interesting story.  It turns out that it was a VERY good workout.  We arrived at the gym and, actually, hold on a minute.  Let’s talk about the gym.  Do you think that maybe – just maybe – they should re-think their logo?

It looks like a big ol'...

I mean, it looks like a big ol’ schlong, right?  The funny thing was that this logo is EVERYWHERE.  Some signs even had two or three of them on it.  Jenn didn’t find it nearly as amusing as I did but, hey, it’s the little things in life or, in this case, the giant dong painted on the side of the building.

In any case, we made our way inside and I filled out the forms, had my picture taken, etc. and we started the clinic.  For the next two hours straight without anything other than brief water breaks I was tossing these would-be cheerleaders into the air and, often, catching them as they toppled over.  By the end of the whole thing I was pouring sweat, my shirt soaked through.  It was, as anticipated, a fantastic workout.

How good was it?  It was so good that I was sore for the next three days.  My upper body recovered after about a day and a half but my thighs burned until Saturday morning.  It was unbelievable.  It really helped me respect what Jenn and the rest of that squad do week in and week out for a good portion of the year.  Truth be told, it was pretty fun, too.

Because of that Tuesday night ordeal my gym time the rest of the week was limited, at best.  I made my way over towards the end of the week and did some weight work and then hit it again on Sunday.  My weekend usual weekend shenanigans didn’t transpire this week because my usual partners in crime had bounced down to Cabo for a week’s vacation and I was pretty well behaved for the most part during their absence.

Monday was another usual Monday.  Ate right, hit the gym and got to bed at a decent hour.  I awoke this morning, shuffled into the bathroom and did what I do every Tuesday morning to discover that…

…I’d lost one pound.  That brings me down to 284 with a total weight loss on the year of 87 pounds.

I was hoping for a bit more because of my uncommonly quiet weekend but I’ll take it.  I imagine some of it has to do with my light gym week coupled with the fact that my body is readjusting to solid food again.  We’ll see how this week goes but as long as it’s moving in this direction I’ll take it.

Keep on keepin’ on, kids.  See you next week.