iPhone 5 Knockoff

The iPhone 5 may have its debut sometime later this year, but those eager to have the latest and greatest can satisfy their cravings now by buying a knockoff from China. The counterfeit iPhone 5 devices are following a similar design to the recent case leaks—7mm thick (2mm thinner than the current iPhone 4) and a tapered edge design. Some of these devices are selling for roughly $108 and include MP3/Mp4 playback, Wi-Fi, and a JAVA-based operating system.

iPhone 5 Counterfeit Knockoff

[via: Cult of Mac]

  • Jim

    Steer clear of the knockoffs.

    I owned 2 of the 3GS knockoffs. The first almost started a fire when I used a real i-Pod dock to play music and charge the phone. The inside back cover melted and it smelled horrible.
    (fortunately the vendor on e-bay replaced it free. good for him).
    They look like the real thing but the software is extremely slow and the screens are not responsive. Like they said above it uses Java as the OS. Loading apps is a pain if you can find them and getting them to run is even worse.
    If you want one as a prop go ahead its only $108, but if you want a phone that works save your money