At the restaurant where I work we carry a few beers from Spain and South America that are not very well known.  They are just regular, simple, generic beers.  When I am asked about them, if I say they are like Stella people sometimes buy them, but if I say they are like Budweiser, nobody ever does.  This makes no sense to me.  Domestic beer costs less because you don’t have to pay to have it shipped from somewhere else, not because it’s worse.  My guess is if you go to Europe everybody thinks Miller is fancy and Heineken is cheap.  And you know what the really funny part of this is?   Bud, Stella, and a million other beers are all part of the same giant company anyway; it’s called InBev

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  • ChugSampson

    How did something so dumb get posted? Cosby Sweaters is better than this.

    • SammyZa

      Completely disagree, I think this post makes a good point (and one that I’m definitely guilty of succumbing to). I know when I go out (especially to a nicer bar) I always try to get something new that I haven’t heard of before, so even if it’s generic beer from some other country it still seems exotic and interesting. I guess I wouldn’t say I think it’s “better”, but at least it’s something different.