When you’re a mere 5’5″ and want to play basketball you have to work on your dribbling to be effective in a sport ruled by tall guys. Kadeem “PG-13″ Powell took that advice and just ran with it:

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4u8bGu9za0[/youtube]

  • carry

  • cheetah

    that’s weak as hell. soft defenders playing the fool for the cameras. try doing that bs in a game and he’ll get ripped clean by any halfway decent defender who gets up in chest. weak article on a guy who can’t even make an NAIA team!

  • rodvia007

    That is not really basketball,it is impossible to cover someone when they do not have to follow the rules of ball. I am not hating just being real.

    • dean

      could you please explain to me what he did that is outside of the rules? I recently became a bball fan and would like to know

      • David

        umm. maybe the multiple times he travels.

    • rod via

      Carry carry carry and how about not dribbling.

  • black sheek

    David and Cheeta..both of you guys shut the F**k up. you guys probably cant even play basketball,instead spend your time online jizzing off and giving weak opinions on videos.
    this is pure talent. its streetball not the the NBA d**kheads