Given what happened last week in Texas, this is the last thing anyone wanted to see or hear about following the Home Run derby.  A fan at the Home Run Derby nearly fell over the bleachers in almost identical fashion to the fan who tumbled to his death under a week ago.  The scary picture is below, and we couldn’t be more pleased that the fan did not take the fall.

The AP reported:

Chasing a home run hit by Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder, Carmickle was saved from a long fall when his brother and a friend grabbed him around the legs and arms, then pulled him back as he dangled above the deck area behind the pool in right field at Chase Field.

His near miss came the same day as the memorial service for Shannon Stone, a 39-year-old fan who died last Thursday while trying to catch a ball thrown into the stands at a Texas Rangers home game.

”I thought: I’ve lived a good life,” Carmickle said about dangling.


via Chinny and Big League Stew