Prince William and Kate have been wowing their subjects North of the border during their ongoing tour of Canada.  To show just how much love he has for the Canadians William took up the challenge of playing the Canadian national sport: hockey*.

Prince William, suit and all, fired three shots on next but couldn’t get one past the goalie:

Apparently it was William’s first attempt at lighting the lamp but Calvin Loman, the man blocking his shots, was impressed:

He looked like he knew what he was doing. I heard him say he doesn’t know how to play, but it seemed like he had a natural talent if he practiced more.

We’ll wait to see how William does throwing the football when he finally makes it to the US.


Via Washington Post


* – Yes Canadians, I am aware your national sport is actually lacrosse.  Until there is a post-lacrosse riot in a major city hockey is clearly number one. [A savvy, if insulting, CS reader pointed out that Hockey is now Canada’s co-national sport.  Now you know.]

  • Keenan K

    Hockey and Lacrosse are both Canada’s national sports.
    you are an idiot

  • TheDoctor

    Keenan, it seems that Canada did add a second national sport in 1994 which is now noted above. I will only say in my defense that multiple Canadians I know have busted out “what’s our national sport” as a trick question so not all textbooks may yet be updated.

  • Nikolas

    I’d put Prince William on the Leafs roster a.s.a.p! As for Canada’s national sport(s), well you really can’t go wrong with either Lacrosse or Hockey…