The University of Oregon athletic department today released far more detail than it previously had on it’s football teams dealings with recruiting ‘analyst’ Willie Lyles.  The Ducks paid Lyles $25,000 for ‘scouting services’ almost immediately after signing two top-Texas high school recruits who Lyles had been advising.

It’s unclear whether the key disclosures help or hinder the Ducks defense of their practices.

The positive news:

  • Willy Lyles paid his own expenses for the trip he took to a Florida awards show with Heisman finalist LaMichael James
  • Oregon was in contact with the NCAA by 9:30am the day that Yahoo broke the story of the questionable payment to Lyles

The concerning news:

  • Oregon revealed details on their scouting service payments which includes no payments over $10,000 other than the payment to Lyles making it appear to be outside normal practices

Will the Ducks wind up facing NCAA sanctions?  These documents don’t show anything that provides a clear answer but there are enough open questions to say that Oregon Football isn’t out of the woods yet.

Check out all the documents via The Oregonian