Following the Miami Heat losing to the Dallas Mavericks, the water works were in full effect for the losing side.  Chris Bosh was shown on ABC crying while heading back to the Miami locker-room.  The video is priceless.

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  • Big O

    I just think it’s a shame for the referees to have controlled the finals the way they did. It seems to me Marc Cuban or someone paid them, or they just wanted Dallas to win. I know I speak for a lot of people especially Heat fans when I say this and I’m not a Heat fan. I’m a basketball fan. People need to get off Lebron James. What could he have done. the referees took the whole Miami team out of rythm and out of sync. That was by far the worst officiating I have ever seen. Not to take anything away from the Dallas Mavs but The referees officiated the whole series in favor of Dallas. Congrats Dallas Mavericks

    • sikologik


    • DC

      Big O,

      Go back and look at how many free throws the Heat got in game 6. Easily more than the Mavs got (Mavs got 18 Free Throw attempts, made 12). The Heat 33! They missed 13 of them. 20 for 33 Free Throws! 13! The Heat lived off the free throw line all season, but when it counted they didn’t make it. Make those 13 points and they already have the lead and the win over the Mavs. Not to mention the number of points they would have had if they’d even played. (BTW: The Mavs did actually cause most of the fouls the refs called in game 6. Only 1 or 2 would be considered ticky tack.)

      Case in point:

      4th Quarter, The Mavs missed 3 shots in a row at the 7 minute mark, bouncing the ball off the rim. What happened? 4 to 5 Heat players watch the ball rebound to a Mav while 5 Mavericks were rushing to intercept the rebound. I immediately called the game right there and said Mavs win because they Heat had nothing left. They already knew the Mavs had beat them.

      2nd Quarter, James gets a defensive rebound (everyone is running to the Heat side) and proceeds to pass it to a Heat player who isn’t even looking. Another Heat player runs to intercept it along with 2 Mavs, Jason Terry and Stevenson. Stevenson snags the ball and the closest Heat to the ball is Lebron James. What does James do? He backs up under the basket to defend the rim or possibly get a rebound. Stevenson’s a 3 point shooter! He’s not going to attack the rim. Instead he has time to go get a cup of coffee, come back set his feet and sink a 3 point shot uncontested.

      Sorry, the referees didn’t have to help the Mavs win that game. Oh and by the way, the Heat were practically murdering the Mavs in the first 4 games. But the Mavs did in those first 4 games the same thing they did against the Lakers. They beat both the opposing team and the refs. The refs were by no means favoring the Mavs.

      It appears you weren’t watching the same game everyone else was.

      • DC

        One more thing on that 2nd quarter scene. James should have been all over Stevenson. Things like that is why Lebron fails. Lebron may be the most talented player in the NBA, but he has a long way to go before he can be the best player in the NBA.

    • Shane

      Please STOP!!! I too said in 06 that was the worst officiating ever and maybe it was!!! The games are NOT FIXED!!! There both bad calls, missed calls and no-calls for and against both TEAMS!!!!

    • Big D in da Chi

      Wow. how sad u feel that way. last time i check miami went to da line alot more times than dallas especially in game 6. stop making excuses for miami. the better TEAM won.

  • Patricia

    So true Big O!!!!

  • Tom

    You dont wanna take anything away, but youre giving the refs all the credit to start with. Fail.

  • Gokor

    okie whoever says that the refs took everything away from the heat is RETARDED, wtf iam so fuckin pissed now after i read your stupid comment, are you kidding me, refs were on Heats ballz! its not their fault they couldnt knock down a shot, not there fault that Lebitch missed the fucking square! STFU and accept your loss, reffs helped them all the way to finals starting from the boston series were they eject pierce, then wade breaks randos hand he gets only a fuckin personal fould and everytime they went in the got called for fouls, so i dont want any of you bitchez complaining, dirk outscored both of your best playes in the 4th by him self so STFU and go cry motherfucker!!!!!

  • D$

    It’s good to see Bosh cry. At least you know he felt it. And you could tell he felt it in the postgame interview too. LeBron, on the other hand, seemed to be thinking only about how it would affect his marketing.

    Who knew that Bosh has more heart than LeBron?