Facebook has turned on their facial recognition technology that will urge your friends to tag you when Facebook thinks you’re in a photo they upload. Get ready to be tagged more frequently, and if you’re like me, untagging because the new setting is turned on by default for everyone. If you’re bothered or uncomfortable with this “feature,” don’t worry, we show you how to change your privacy settings to disable and prevent “Suggest photos of me to friends.”

Here’s how you can disable Facebook from automatically suggesting photos of you when someone uploads a picture that it thinks you’re in:

Step One – Go your Facebook privacy settings

Step Two – Click Customize settings

Facebook Facial Recognition - Customize Settings

Step Three – Under the “Things others share” section, click the Edit Settings button next to Suggest photos of me to friends

Disable the Suggest photos of me to friends

Step Four – Use the drop down menu to change Enabled to Disabled next to where it says “When photos look like me, suggest tagging me”

Step Five – Click Okay and you’re done!