There are times when a man has some impt decisions to make in his life, and I believe the below is one of those. I’m not going to say what he did was right, or wrong, but it was one of those defining moments in his life. If it was a beer instead of his daughter, we may have a debate.

via Ted Williams Head

  • jmaysie

    lawl. this is funny. i would drop my kid, too because my kid is the one who falls, gets right back up, and says, “i can’t believe it… didnt get the ball!”

  • harold

    if you were to magnify this guys brain, you could stick it up an ants ass.

  • gqrq

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  • Nelson Corn

    The state will probably send some over-weight, bi-focaled, non English speaking slub that has no children of her own to investigate the guy for “child abuse”. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. Or better yet, the guy will sue the Dodgers for endangering his brat. P.S., all the while mom sits there and knits. But what would you expect from California.