This is incredible. During the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 Chad Knaus, Jimmie Johnson’s crew chief, was wired for all to hear who were tuning into watch the race on FOX. He promptly dropped the F-bomb on live TV when Jimmie’s engine had some troubles.

  • Hope Nascar fines the super hero Chad for the F-Bomb

    • Perriwen

      Why? If you listen to raw, real-time crew audio during races, they swear like that all the time. It’s Fox’s fault for broadcasting that and not bleeping it out.

    • Phil

      I agree with you Mart,

  • Dave

    I really believe nascar should not allow crew chiefs to be miked up,and this is a good reason why.

  • bob

    this is live TV. any thing can happen, what would say ?

  • suzybel

    It’s not any worse than the “f” bombs dropped on prime time tv and all you have to do is read lips during PGA tournaments & hockey games!

  • RobynDcradle

    If fox would have used the 7 second delay that all non cable channels are supposed to use and asked chad 1st if he was ok to be aired we would have never heard the f bomb and yes if you listen in on the channels during the race all of em are worse than old sailors when it comes to the language. Fine him ? You gotta be fu^^$%& g kidding me 🙂

  • Tray

    Are you kidding me? You honestly think that nascar will do anything to the crew cheif of nascars golden child? are you fu^^&%&g kidding me? nothing will happen But let another driver or team member drop it and see what happens!!!! $10,000 and points…Just ask dale jr.