Remember the big controversy that came of Lebron walking off the court after losing to The Orlando Magic in the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals without shaking any hands? Well, it seems that Russell Westbrook was taking notes and decided to do the same thing Wednesday night in the Western Conference Finals after losing to the Dallas Mavericks. Check out the below video when 34 seconds in Russell storms off without a single handshake:

via Eye on Basketball

  • dale

    I think the comparison is not quite valid for LBJ. Lebron is at times the target of aggressive taunting, dbl & trpl tms, etc., due to his shear size and athleticism. Westbrook however, is arrogant and self indulge. It was ridiculous the way he went out of his way front on Mike Conley. They way he pushed and shoved at Jason Terry. I’m sure the Mavs where more than pleased he walked away mad.

  • izm

    Uhh wrong dale. Lebron is just as if not more arrogant and self indulging. Even if he is a bigger target of taunting and triple teams, he is a multi-million dollar professional NBA player who should act as such even after a tough loss. These guys are all the same, they’re young and let emotions get the best of them, mostly because they haven’t matured yet and they lash out without thinking about repercussions.

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