A couple weeks after Phoenix Suns’ president and CEO Rick Welts came out to the public that he was gay, star Suns point guard Steve Nash has come out with his public support of marriage equality. Nash has joined New York Rangers’ Sean Avery in support of New York’s marriage equality proposition.

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  • shawn

    Steve, I’m sorry to hear you speaking out in support of homosexual marriage. First of all, marriage can only take place between a man and a woman. If a one wishes to live his or her life in a homosexual relationship, it’s their choice since we all are given a free will by Our Lord and Creator. This does not give anyone the right to call this unlawful relationship a MARRIAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrong again Mr. Nash.

    • rib

      shawn… you are a pathetic idiot… your “lord” and “creator” suck…. you will burn with your REAL creator. love and support to Nash… bye bye shawn you loser

    • keith

      Get over this god and bible excuse for not thinking for youself. Its getting old and boring when people cant think for themselfs. I hate to burst your bubble but god did create me gay. I did not chose to be hated by bigoted people like yourself. I have been with my partner for 13 yrs, thats alot longer than some straight realationships now a days. Its about time that everyone starts to treat everyone as equals and not as us and them.

      • Gregg

        Keith, I’m sorry you are so misguided to think GOD created you this way, given he is against the gay lifestyle.

        If you want to live your life this way, I feel sorry for you, but don’t bring GOD into it, because he does not agree with you.

        And no, I don’t speak to GOD, but I do read the bible.

    • Michael Carney

      Your an idiot…

  • tstanley87

    Steve Nash is a Canadian. He needs to keep his Canadian opinions out of American politics. He’s welcome to ruin marriage in his own country, but the vast majority of Americans, while tolerant of homosexuality, don’t want gay marriage in this country.

    • Michael Carney

      Your an idiot.

    • wadyaknow

      How interesting that marriage seems to thrive in places like Mass. where there is gay marriage and not do so well in the pig sty of the south.

  • Gus Mitchell

    Kudos for Steve Nash, calling out bigotry when he sees it. If you really want to “save” marriage (from freedom?), then outlaw divorce.

  • Jeff

    Really… The God argument… So boring and old. This is about rights not religion. Thanks Steve Nash for being willing to go against bigotry even though it’s not yet popular in the sports arena.

    • Michael Carney


    • Jeff

      Steve Nash should first address the inequities in his country Canada. He seems to shoot off his mouth about gay rights, illegal immigration rights and issues that are American. He wouldn’t appreciate an American pointing out how his country is a Monarchy and hardly a democracy or the problems of the treatment of first nation people by pedifiles who were never brought to any justice. Multiple marriages are being debated in Canada. Do you want to discuss that too? When you are a citizen of a socialist Monarchy you hardly have any room to talk. You’re a guest in America. Please keep your political opinions to your country. I’m a dual citizen (US and Canada).

  • Keith

    I agree with Jeff, enough of this god stuff. If god created everyone than that means you are born gay and dont chose it. Thank you Steve for your support. I have been with my partner for 13 yrs and thats a lot longer than most marrages now a days.

    • Gregg

      I guess you think people are born child molesters and murderers too huh?

      • tsetsefly

        But here’s the thing… those things hurt people. They have victims. That’s comparing apples and oranges. A consentual, informed, safe expression of sexuality, love and committment through a legal & spiritual institution harms no one. The denial, exclusion and persecution of homosexuality causes lies, depression, addiction and divorce – it can lead to suicide, intentional or not. Which is more detremental? Two guys keeping a nice house in the suburbs, paying taxes, working 60 hours a week and trying to stay healthy and sane together? Or a man married to a woman who secretly has sex with men on the side, usually anonymously, betraying his wife, family and beliefs – risking humilitation, divorce, potentially breaking the family? The breaking comes from the lie, the misrepresentation and misused trust. This is far more INJURIOUS is it not – to individuals and society? I don’t belive ANYONE wants to harm ANYONE, deep down, but when we dictate and constrain people’s NON-INJUIOUS behaviors through fear and guilt we allow people to justify hurting each other. There is no cause for that… ever. Allow God to judge, if you belive. He will do as He will. His mandate and example of love and tolerance TRUMPS your policing of others based on your or any one else’s interpretation of the bible. Only God knows what God knows. True Christians love unconditionally, in Jesus’ example, I think. So if those two guys down the street want to have a ceremony to celebrate their life/lives together in the eyes of their family, friends, the state and yes, God, what is it to you? This doesn’t harm you, it doesn’t injure you, it doesn’t interfere with your life or even create an inconvenience. Most likely, you won’t even know. Things that one dislikes or hates are usually things not understood. Be smart enough and Christian enough to allow those who do no harm to live without your interruption, interference, hate, or fear knowing that you don’t have to understand. Allow them to be judged by God on thier own terms. So I’m that guy in the suburbs, down the street. My partner and I have been together for 16 years, lived in this house for 8. We abide the law, pay our taxes, voted for the school levy, work most of the time. We keep to ourselves, but we wave and say hello, know a few names and look out for the widow next door. We’re never demonstrative in public and we keep our cutains closed. There is no flag or banner or ribbons. Just two cars, two cats, 4 bedrooms… just the American Dream, right? We only seek to survive this life in peace and in love and in harmony with others. We only wish for fairness, not favor, not your forgiveness. We want to live TRUTHFULLY in the eyes of God, knowing that deceiving Him (and ourselves/family/friends) is the truer sin. So how does any of that HARM you?! I suspect, as is generally true, the only HARM is self-inflicted by the influence of dogma and of your own fear of yourself. In the eight year’s we’ve lived here, we haven’t caused any of the husbands on our street to come out as gay. Your gay neighbor would infulence you thus only if it is already true in your heart, so you’ve got nothing to worry about, right?!? Please give this a chance:

        • josh

          god made adam and eve NOT ADAM AND STEVE

          • tsetsefly

            And God made earthquakes and floods and tornados and famine and disease and war and death and, apparently, a**holes.

  • Charles

    Marriage is defined as the union between one man and one woman, anything else is not a marriage. So I say have your unions or whatever you want to call them, but don’t try to change marriage to suit your desires. If you do not believe in God then do not try to take His institution of marriage and change it for your own good.

    • tsetsefly

      Exactly – HIS institution. NOT yours. Nobodys changing anything. God’s will is not known to you, but surely he wishes the benefit/sanctity/recognition of HIS institution for all. It is but another of God’s blessings. Which of God’s blessings has a gay person deprived you of?

  • scat

    Gay marriage is a lie. Marriage is sex between a man and a woman. That’s why Jesus said that the woman at the well had been married like 8 times, but that the man she was with at the time was not her husband. It’s unlikely that the woman actually got legally married that many times in olden days. I think what Jesus was saying is when a woman has sex with a man she is marrying him, but only the one that took her virginity is her real husband (if he’s alive. If he’s dead, then the first one she slept with after that is her real husband.) My point is, legal marriage is not true marriage. The fact that a judge, or a possibly corrupt preacher, or a Bhuddist Monk, or whomever, has pronounced a couple man and wife does not make it so. God gives a man a wife, just as God gave Eve to Adam. Once God has given a woman to a man she becomes his forever. For the Bible says, what God has put together let no man put asunder. How did the first humans get married? Sex. If a man breaks the hyman, then he has made that woman his wife. This is why Hagar was called Abram’s wife, even though he only slept with her at the suggestion of his wife Sarai because Sarai could not bear children. This is why the Bible says Jacob took Leah’s handmaid to wife when he slept with her at Leah’s suggestion. Even though most people would call this handmaid Jacob’s concubine (if that) the Bible calls her his wife. Only a man and a woman can become man and wife. Gay marriage is a lie, no matter how legal it becomes. Homosexuality was legal in Sodom & Gomorrah, and yet God destroyed that city for this sin. By the way, we get the word sodomy from the name of this gay city.

  • Charles and Shawn are correct. I’m sure to some of you, God and the Bible are old and boring – right up to the point when you will be needing God’s help in some situation.

    I was born a hetrosexual. I am married. But like many, I have strong desires to be with other hot women. God MADE me that way! – I have this super desire to be with other women when I want – God make me that way – He can’t be wrong – It’s my RIGHT!

    Whether the DESIRE is adultry or or homosexuality – that’s one thing — to commit the act is wrong, sinful, and goes against God’s Word and Natural Law.

    Get over what you think is Your Right – and live by what is right.

    • tsetsefly

      Comparing ADULTERY to HOMOSEXUALITY? Dude. Gay guys wanna get married to be monogamous, not to whore it up like you seem to want to. You say live what is right? How about judge not lest you be judged. I welcome God into my life, and welcome whatever he has for me when I’m pass on. I have prayed all my life to God to help me be the person he wants me to be; to live this life in his name and with his grace. Guess what. I’m still in love with my boyfirend. Jesus hung with the lepers, not the righteous. And it’s up to HIM to forgive me, not you. And you know what, man? I can’t get it up with a chick! It’s not a question of DESIRE. I’m sorry, but I was born this way. Pray for me if you must, but do not condemn me. That’s God’s job. If God was gonna “help me” he’s had many prayers, preachers, thereapists and doctors to work though. And he’s had my invitation. 40 years later, I’m still gay. Beyond CHOICE or DESIRE. I am. While I live I ask for God’s help in doing so fully, whatever HE chooses that to be.

      • dnmal

        1. All gay guys want to get married and be monogamous? Just because some want to be monogamous – doesn’t make it right – AND not according to me – according to the Word – yes I’m quite sure you have your own interpretation of the Word (that’s another issue – for another day)
        2. Judge not lest … I love that excuse for sinful actions. First, I am not judging you – once again you can’t escape the Word. The judging for salvation is for God alone. However, if someone murdered your family member – would you then say – can’t bring him to justice because – judge not lest …. In other words – we do judge – many things that are wrong, illegal, immoral – just not a person’s final judgement.
        3. Finally, Jesus hung with the lepers – for sure – and the sinners – He comes for those who are sinners and in need – but don’t ever forget that when Jesus forgave and did not condem the woman who had been caught in the act of adultry – He also finished up by giving her a Command: Sin no more.

  • papabran

    I am all for a legal partnership. But let’s not call it a marriage. A marriage is between a man and a woman.

  • ching chow wow wang hing hang fung

    god made adam and eve not adam amd steve! uh hu uh hu thank ya thank ya very much;)