ESPN television commentator Doris Burke flubs her lines on camera before Game 3 of the Western Conference finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks in the NBA playoffs. Unfortunately for her she somehow did not realize that this was being aired live, therefore her couple attempts to restart just added to the clumsiness. Her mouthing the F-bomb was the high point for me.

via YouTube

  • Rasheed

    Eh, nothing to see here. And there was no F-bomb mouthed.

  • AR

    She shoudn’t be on the air in the first place … but for the sake of political correctness we need to have unqualified women commentators asking stupid questions before, during, and after games of man’s sports.

    • AR Likes Boys

      Dear AR,

      Shut up, you stupid cunt.

      • D. Jones

        Dear F#g above,
        AR is right on the money with his comment.

        You need to grow some cahones or go play tennis.

  • D.Jones

    Dear F#g above,
    AR is right. Now you need to grow some cahones or go play tennis.

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