BSC 2011 - Week 18

Good morning, everyone!  here we are, eighteen weeks into the Big Skeezy Challenge.  After the one pound drop last week and the questionable weeks before, Big Skeezy was upset yet determined to get over this 300 pound hump.  Would Week 18 be the magic one?  Let’s break it down:

I honestly can’t believe it’s been eighteen weeks so far.  Can you believe it?  It’s like that stupid song from “Rent” – 181, 440 minutes have been spent on this thing.  Unlike “Rent”, however, no one has AIDS….yet.  There are fifty-two weeks in a year and this means we are just over 1/3 of the way through the BSC.  Wow.

It was a pretty typical week for me, all things considered.  I started strong as always and continued riding my bike to and from work.  The majority of the week was spent eating what I usually do – oatmeal, chicken, greens, sunflower seeds and pickles.  The pickles are actually a new addition.  I buy the big jars of dill pickles, which have basically nothing in them.  No calories and no carbs yet are very tasty (if you like dill pickles).  I’ve found that if I get hungry I can eat one of those and it sates me for a while.

Friday, like most Fridays, ended up being a bit worse than usual but, all things considered, not too bad.  I spent the evening out with some friends.  I had to drive to Long Beach so I didn’t drink much, plus I knew that I would be responsible for one of them who had been drinking for a while.  Fine with me, as I wanted to keep us safe but also avoid ruining the week’s hard work.  I had a couple of beers that night, as well as a double Jack.  It seems like a bunch, but this was over the course of about five hours.  We made it back to our respective homes safely, and I slept for a while before returning out into the world.

Saturday was Kentucky Derby day, and some friends and I were planning on spending the day at Hollywood Park enjoying gambling and watching the horses.  I arrived early in order to stake out a good set of seats for us.  Soon the rest of the guests arrived and we had a great first half of the day, despite my epic sunburn (which I discovered hours later).  I had a few beers, some coffee, shared a bag of peanuts and ate a single hot dog.  Not bad, really.  It was a great day, as evidenced by this picture of my friend ‘”Raphi”, seen here double-fisting a two-pound tray of fried chicken:

Om nomnomnomnomnom
The rest of Saturday involved what it usually does:  hitting the jacuzzi, cooking chicken, having drinks, watching sports and having a dance-off until everyone passes out.

Sunday was spent at home relaxing.  I was pretty sore from the epic dance-off so I watched a bunch of episodes of “The Wire”.  It was awesome.  What a great show.  I left the house only to go and retrieve Kendrick from the airport when he landed that night.

Yesterday was business as usual – the bike to and from work and the gym in the morning.  I awoke today feeling pretty normal, actually, neither excited or nervous about the weigh in.  Everything has been so topsy-turvy with the BSC lately I was almost uninterested in the process.  Still, the BSC is the BSC and it needed to happen.  I awoke, stepped on the scale and discovered that….

…I’d lost five pounds.  That brings me down to 306 with a grand total of 65 pounds lost this year.  I’m averaging 3.6 pounds a week, which isn’t bad.

There you have it. It seems everything is getting back on track.  Tune in next week to see if I can get under that elusive 300 pound mark!