Was this the zen-masters final press conference as a coach? If so it was unfortunate the send off his team gave him, but in my mind he is easily top 3 coaches of all time in the NBA.

  • george c

    i am so ashamed at the way the lakers played and represented themselves.. their big three played like a bunch of pussies. the way they lost their composure at the end, especially bynum, was a disgrace. coach deserved so much better in terms of effort and preformance.tyson chandler was the difference as the lakers have 3 talented but not dominating big men.great pickup for mavs..last comment.. if shaq was still a laker he would of attacked the basket with a vengence and a psysical presence that the lakers simple do not have.koby your a great player, awesome career,BUT shaq was the reason for the season.. you had 3 bigs who couldn’t deliver.. chandler could not of stopped a young, healthy shaq….sorry you had to go out like this coach you deserved so much better.