While 26 points behind a Western Finals-bound Mavericks, Lamar Odom was ejected for exchanging some harsh words (and elbows) with Dirk Nowitzki. Almost immediately after, Andrew Bynum dropped a dirty elbow into Barea’s chest, bringing on the third Lakers ejection of the series. After 11 championships and 225 playoff wins, it’s such a shame that Phil Jackson will likely be ending his career on such a sour note.

Way to keep it classy, LA.

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  • TAB

    Bynum the underachiever shows what a class act he is.

  • Tom Hamilton

    Thats a good way to paralyze a guy for life, as he falls on his back/neck/head.

    • DUMASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 GET HIM OUT OFHERE

    • Michael A. Robson

      Barrea musta felt like being hit by a bus!!!

  • tom

    awsome and GOOD JOB. Yes kick him or hit the face..Fcker mavrick

    • Barrea

      Loser hahaha =)

    • mad

      Aww no three peat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Losers damn you guys suck ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Eric

        Yes, the Lakers and their 16 titles suck ass. So do Kobe and Magic (10 titles, 16 Western Conference championships between them). They didn’t win their second three peat this decade; what a bunch of losers. Did you know there have been 64 NBA seasons and the Lakers made it all the way to the finals in HALF of them!!! Yeah, it sucks to be a Laker fan.

  • tom

    no u dumass. fcker mavrick .. he got right hit him

    • Alex

      Your a fucking dumbass! Go to hell fucking gay nigga Laker fan! That was dirty and you know it you faggot. Go learn some english retard!!!!!!!!!

  • David S.

    Today I went from disliking the Lakers to being totally disgusted by them. Bynum showed what a true punk he really is. Imagine what kind of scene there would’ve been if someone had given a
    cheap shot like that to Kobe!

    • fingerssfv

      Like that never happened? You forgot the Phoenix game when that Phoenix player grebbed Kobe by the neck and threw him down? Kobe got up amiling. There was no Laker teammates jumping up and down talking trash. No, Kobe was a man and got up, just like Barea got up. You did notice when he stopped playing hurt that he got right back up and started walking normally, didn’t you? You really think that injured that tough little chested guy? And what’s with the comment they made about his little chest? Dallas got lucky. How can any team make all but a few three pointers when all year they couldn’t do that? It was their night. But Bynum being a punk? Not quite. The guy was pis*ed. Think about it. These fools were knocking down threes with less than a minute left. They already won the game. Padding the score? Dallas will get theirs for pulling that sh*t.

      • Dayo

        So apparently, the Mavericks’ players should have just been letting the shot clock run out for the entire fourth quarter right? Why on earth shouldn’t they execute their offence? If the game was that meaningless at that point, why were Lamar, Bynum and Kobe still on the floor then?

      • ron

        you fool. any moron can see bynum is a punk. as far as padding the score. stop them from making threes. oh thats right. they couldnt.

      • YOU ARE A JACKASS. YOU KNOW absolutly nothing about sports if uou think that dallas got lucky.

      • Gysgt

        I see that you must be a punk if you are defending those two Lakers for poor Sportsmen conduct. Apparently you have never played in any sport and you comments prove that you are nothing but a street punk just like the two Lakers.

      • Bynum should have his @ss kicked and then suspended for at least a month next season but the suspension should happen only when he can actually play because he’s always hurt like a little girl. The man/little girl should then have his @ss kicked again. What a classless little no good sore loser.

      • Ed

        You are an idiot sir. That has no place in Basketball. I played on college ball against guys in the league. That was a dangerous play. 6 inches higher and he knocks him on his head. Dallas isnt even my favorite team. It is a shame that idiotic fans believe this is a part of the game. Hit him in the chest on a screen, completely ok, Hit him in the chest when the is setting a pick, completely ok. Hit a defenseless, airborne man in the chest, not going for any type of ball, that is dang near criminal. That isnt padding the score idiot. It is called finishing. Are you a Laker homer or just retared?

        • CCRider

          Dang near criminal? Absolutely criminal. We’ve seen charges filed for assaults in hockey, as well as baseball, for flagrant, deliberate, illegal hits. Why should this be any different? 1 to 5 sounds about right.

      • agreen

        You said a mouth full brother true dat true dat

      • rbp

        Lakers poor play was the reason they were eliminated. They were out played from the start. The comment about shooting 3’s with less that 2 minuties left. Look at the clock when the cheap shost were made on Dallas players. Not in the last two minutes, last 7-8 minutes.

      • johnny blue

        it was a cheap shot no matter how you try too dress it…they went out like a bunch of little school girls that got their feelings hurt….how many times have they ran up the score…i have been watching this game for 40yrs if you can do it do it…no mercy…i dont know what you are talking about…i do know you dont act like a moron and thug because you are out played.

      • bigmig

        Yea–they got lucky four games in a row! Getting embarrased wasn’t Barea’s fault–your guys wimped out four straight games. You and Bynum need to take losing like men. Dallas will get theirs? Like LA got theirs I guess!

    • well i don’t think it would have been much of anything seeing as how Jason Kidd got smooth away with grabbing Kobe by the hips with both hands and slinging him to the side causing him to fall. So yeah it was a little rough on Bynum’s part but this is a man’s game remember the twin towers in houston rock em sock em robots. we don’t want anyone getting hurt but basketball is very physical they deceided in the second half of game one that they were gonna beat up on LA in every way they could get away with and they did. But they will be back next were will they be.

    • Vito From Beverly Hills

      Raja Bell!!!! Remember that???

  • chief57

    Bynum and Odom are simply racists! Could you imagine 2 white guys floor Jordan & Pipin? And nothing gets said? ESPN announcers have no guts.How come they didn’t hit Terry? He’s the guy who killed them.

    • Ladyplayer

      what a stupid comment. Racist???? why does some moron always have to bring race into everything.

  • fingerssfv

    Yeah, you all talk a lot of sh*t, but when a team is up by 30 points and in the last minute, they’re still shooting 3’s, who wouldn’t be pis*ed? They can call it buch-league all they want, but they weren’t out there watching the opponents making darn near every three pointer in the game, which never happens, so when all of the sudden Dallas is making threes galore and even being up by 30, continuing to pour it on, what would be going through your mind? I’d be cracking anyone I disliked, because it’s my last game anyway. When that team continued to pour it on and do their best to humiliate the Lakers, I’m surprised Terry wasn’t knocked the heck out. That never happens, so it was meant to be. What can you do when it seems like every shot they toss up goes in, including all those threes, yet your team just can’t seem to make a basket, it sure isn’t because Dallas is that good all season. They happened to be able to sink all those threes, or they might not have won. You gotta remember they all hold jerseys, push in the back and hardly ever get called on it. Look how Gasol was flying all over the floor. You think he was diving on his own? Gasol should have been the one to push back, but Bynum is young and he still gets angry enough to do something about it. Bush league? Go f*ck yourself announcer.

    • Ry

      You such a Bitter man fingerssfv. It’s true that Bynum is a big ass punk you can see it in his eyes that he wanted to do some damage on Barea, with the way he jumps and anticipates JJ airtime with his f*ckng huge eldows damn! Being down by 30+ point doesnt mean to be that pissed off. shame shame shame -.- way to go 2 time back to back champs!

    • Lemmiwinks

      No lead is secure in the NBA, especially the playoffs.

      There’s no excuse for Bynum’s “forearm shiver”. He just showed how low class he and the really Lakers are.

      If they didn’t want them to keep scoring, they needed to stop them.

    • Mavs11

      You make absolutely no sense! How anyone can condone such behavior on the court and make excuses about it is beyond me. They put a clock to the game for a reason, and any professional is going to play till it runs out. This is the playoffs, idiot!! What comes to mind to me is the Mavericks vs. Timberwolves, Wolves up by 29 going into the fourth quarter, Mavs come back and beat them by 15. So dumbas*, no lead is safe in this game especially the playoffs. Also this is a game that requires defense, if you don’t want the other team to score, play some ‘D’, you don’t take cheap shots because you’re embarressed. That could have ended Barea’s season and/or career! The point that he got up from such an ambush has nothing to do with it! It’s idiot Laker fans like yourself, is the reason I get so much pleasure in seeing you squirm, and shedding tears for your gang of thugs. first of all cold-beans Bryant shouldn’t even be playing in the NBA, he should be tossing Bubba’s salad in San Quenton. To top it off, the Mavs anihaled L.A. without their star Caron Butler, it probably would have been a 60 point loss if Caron played. Better luck next year, DUMBAS*!

      • old school fan

        you all act like this is the first time a cheap shot has been taken in the nba. your comment about bryant is way off. secondly, dallas has always been a dirty team second only to the late eighties early nineties detroit pistons. then you have the celtics and danny ange. should bynum have done that, of course not, but as a former player I can understand the frustration he may have felt. the mavs could have ran down more clock time instead of trying to run up the score. as for mark whatever his last name is, he talks to much sh** anyway. he should have been punched in the kisser a long time ago. owners need to stay of the floor. we will see what dallas does in the next series. i doubt the will ever have a performance like that again ever! you for now enjoy you win, the end for your run is coming. champions not this year. ooh yeah i almost forgot, dirty dirk, is no choir boy on the court either.

        • thanx old school for keepin it real

        • CCRider

          The only thing I agree with your post on is that Cuban should have been punched in the mouth a long time ago. Only problem with that is, when you punch a billionaire in the mouth you tend to get in a whole lot of bad serious trouble. And not only with the law. He can afford to hire some one to break your kneecaps.

    • ace1311

      Dude what game were you watching? Dallas emptied their bench with 7:30 left in the game and if I remember correctly there is still a shot clock, so call me crazy but I think you have to still get a shot off before that clock runs out or it is a turnover no matter how bad the Lakers are getting beat. It’s sad that the Lakers still couldn’t stop the 3rd unit of Dallas from making shots, those guys have been waiting all series to get an opportunity to play so you better bet that they are going to try to play well. Also I don’t see how you don’t feel that Bynum’s foul was not thuggish. He is a 7+ feet and 280+ pounds elbowing a <6ft 150 lb point guard in the arm pit while he is at the top of his jump. The dude didn't even make a play on the ball. JJ could have gotten seriously injured if he would have hit him a little higher he could have possibly made JJ land on top of head. Anybody that says otherwise has lost their mind. Think about things before you make an absurd comment because you are so biased to one particular team that you can't ever give credit to another team or see that what your team did was completely wrong.

    • GySgt

      Dude, how many times have you seen the Lakers destroy another team and keep pounding them and demoralizing them.. When ever they are winning. So don’t keep anyone else from doing unto them that was done to them and the attitude portraide by the Lakers every year the have gone to the finals. Nobody puts them down for being overbarring.

    • Your comment shows how classless you are as well as Bynum and Odem are.

    • Ed

      Idiot, this happened at almost the 9 minute mark in the final quarter when this happened. Are you crazy? Do you know anything other than profanity? Dallas played great defense the entire series. Do be a whine; that’s not what men do. The better team won period.

    • allsports33

      fingerssfv, you are a classless idiot for condoning what Bynum did. He didn’t make aplay on the ball his sole intent ws to injur the player. I am neither a Lakers or Mavs fan but the move Bynum made should get him tossed for a month or more next year. The Lakers were to busy pointing their finger at each other for whose fault caused the first three losses. THeir defense or lack of ws pitifull, the Mavs had every right to keep shooting especially with their bench out there since they blew leads in the past. It’s no differnet then what the Lakers have done numerous times. The Lakers are noothing but a bunch of BAD LOSERS who can ONLY defend by trying to injur a playerr on the other team. STOP CRYING nad get over the fact that they just plain sucked

  • joe

    fingerssfv, thank you! i have been saying that all night and all morning i am glad to know there is someone else out there that can see the whole picture!

    • KNEvans

      @fingerssfv…So a team should not try to score and win?? This is the NBA not highschool…if you don’t won’t to get blown out how bout you score some points and stop them from scoring not start taking players out…smh

  • Slayerking


  • Food for thought. Maybe the NBA is all of a sudden just a bunch of cry-babies. This sort of elbow was commonplace when The Pistons/Bad Boys were around. Any of those Eastern conference playoff games were rough. This was one isolated incident on a soft ass dallas team

    • NO, it wasn’t.

    • mavs11

      So, let me get this right. It was commonplace in the 80’s so it should be ok in 2011. What an absurd idiot you are! That’s why the NBA has implemented rules to protect defensless players from thugs like Artest, Bynum, and Odom. Also, fans were getting tired of going to a basketball game and a hockey game would break out! You seem to forget that the Fakers have been chasing Dallas all year! If Caron Butler was not injured the Fakers would not have ever seen the #2 seed. You need to get a life, and learn something about sportsmanship, being a role model,and class.

    • Ed

      Actually Bynum did something similar to Michael Beasley. It isnt an isolated incident dumb dumb.

    • say it again they don’t hear you. this is becoming a game of boys grow up before you come to the NBA. Look at Pau he’s always getting beat on by somebody and you don’t hear anyone cryin

  • HueyD

    fingerssfv, you show the true nature of Lakers fans. What an idiot you are. Dallas got lucky??? Gasol doesn’t take dives???? Dallas swept the Lakers and they aren’t that good??? Seriously dude, put down the white powder and start watching an NBA game now and again. You might still be able to come out of that haze you’re in. What an incredible moron you are.

  • LALsince69

    fingerssfv, my exact sentiments, I agree with you totally. My take is that all the Laker haters seem to be opinionated, narrow-minded, prejudiced, and even racist fanatics, they seem to have that street gang mentality. The disgrace that I witness was the classless tactic Mav coach (and I wouldn’t be surprised if that cuban guy had something to do with it) to keep their starters in there and running up the score…pointless, classless. They will get theirs – Bad Karma that is.

    • ace1311

      Go look at the players that were on the court in the last 5 minutes for Dallas, there wasn’t a single starter left on the court for Dallas. It aint running up the score when your 3rd string players are the ones still scoring on your Lakers. You have to keep playing because there is still a shot clock no matter how bad the a** whopping. You need to watch the game, get your facts straight and stop making biased comments just because your pissed off at your own team for not coming to play.

    • Take it like a man. You guys got your @sses kicked. Take it like a man.

  • muttface

    i’m glad i saw the whole clip because all i saw on the network replays was bynum’s cheap shot. it was a retaliation for what his “victim” did to number 5 (blake maybe?) anyway watch the whole clip and see what the “victim” did near half court before he got clobbered

  • Mike

    @ Joe & fingerssv.Did you stop to think if the Lakers hadn’t trash talked and acted like chumps the WHOLE series the Mavs may not have been shooting 3s at the end? They showed no class the entire play-offs as stated by Jackson in his post game interview.

  • PJN

    In response to the “food for thought” above, this type of foul wasn’t commonplace in the bad boys’ era. Those were physical games back then, and there were plenty of hard fouls. But things like preventing the offensive player from getting a shot off, making him earn the points from the free throw line, or trying to be physical with Jordan and discourage him from coming into the lane, those are examples of one type of basketball. Attacking a player that’s going to the basket, attempting to hurt him, when you are down 30 in your final game of the year is a completely different type, and I would say not basketball at all.

    In response to the accusation that it was retaliation for anything Barea did to Blake is really a stretch. Blake is pressuring the ball near mid-court and tries to reach, Barea creates space with his shoulder. That’s a play that happens dozens of times every game and in no way excessive. If it were, it would have been called by the official who is standing 8 feet away.

    And I didn’t get the sense that the Mavs were running up the score. It’s a 30 point game with 8+ minutes left. As long as the Lakers are attempting to come back (meaning they have their starting players in the game) then the Mavs will continue to play. For the Mavs its a mix of starters and other role players and they have to run offense, that’s the point of the 24 second clock. If you’re the Lakers, you should be wanting them to take 3’s that are contested so that you can rebound the ball and attack the other way and speed the tempo. If the Lakers are going to give up and not contest shots, then take them out and put in the bench.

    And it’s not luck that the Mavs won. Sure they shot the ball well. Maybe they haven’t shot that well all season, but honestly defense isn’t even that bad in the regular season. They had 2 guys that came focused and shot really well (Terry, Peja), besides that it was just a case of one team playing better (for the 4th time in a row).

    For the record, I’ve always been a Laker fan. But before that I’m a basketball fan so I have some strong feelings on this one. This was tough to watch.

    • ace1311

      Very well said. Definitely can tell you are someone that doesn’t just watch the sport but actually plays it and truly respects the game. Props to you

    • Eric

      So you never saw Rambis get closelined? That was going for the ball trying to prevent a shot? You are older than 20 right?

    • Eric

      You are familiar with Bill Laimbeer, right?



  • Great post PJN. This was a pretty blantant cheap shot, not a “hard foul” like an old school defensive team would be guilty of. But I also think it was just a moment of frustration, not a really response to the Mavs running up the score or anything that premeditated.

    • Eric

      Am I the only one that remembers the 80’s? Where were you guys? An “old school defensive team” like the bad boy Pistons? They were cheap shot artists. Seriously, I have full games from the 80’s on file if you need to borrow them to refresh your memory. 2 words: Rambis clothesline. Check it out.

  • apache04

    Just got to say, lakers are getting old . Bynum needs to be suspended for a year, get well and think what the hell !! I am a big thug, as he always has. Kobe is a GREAT player- problem He has no humility in his soul period. He thinks he is entitiled like the rest of the LA BUMS

  • Vito From Beverly Hills

    Suspended for a year????? I hate to say it, but that is just a stupid comment!!!

  • justboozer

    Bynum intentionally put his life at risk, that’s just dumb as sht. All you retardo supporters should listen to Magic’s take on it, even he was embarassed.

  • Bynum that nigga

    fuck all you haters bynum is the shit for that

    • Shelter

      No one is hating on Bynum…. They are hating the un-called for Intentional cheap shot that he committed…. All because his team can not get it together…. And here Dallas Fans were not allowed to bring in Swept or Broom signs, to try to show respect for the Retirement of Phil….

      Lakers are Classless

    • Are you an IDIOT? Or just IGNANT…………..

  • Shelter

    If Bynum and Odum were so upset about their Teams POOR play…. Then why didn’t they just attack their OWN Team mates, they were the ones FAILING….

    Instead they were dirty playing, just like Artest, and the rest of the Lakers have done for years…. Only thing now, is Kobe can not just ask for a foul and get it as before….

  • Shelter

    And a Wannabe Ice T (fingerssfv), said that Mavs got lucky…. HAHAHA, they got lucky in Sweeping the Lakers…. Bro you mistake Pure Talent for luck, even before the Series started, Charles Barkley said, “the Lakers have NO CHANCE in stop Dirk and the Mavs!!!!”….

  • midwest cat

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so much respect to everyone who commented. That being said,I have a question, why does it seem like the word “THUG” is always used 1. when commenting about a Black athlete and 2. always used whenever a black athlete does anything remotely physical? I have never heard Lamar Odom be referenced as a dirty player, or even a physical player for that matter, but the minute he gets into an altercation with a white player he’s a thug? Could it be possible that maybe sports are very emotional and both players were at fault? Or let’s say Odom started it, because he had a lapse in judgement, he’s a thug now? I feel that my white brethren in the media use thug because it’s a code name for “n@gger player” I would be very interested to read responses from all of my fellow Americans who can handle race discussions with intelligence without letting their emotion get the best of them. Again, much respect to EVERYONE’S opinions. To all you idiots who go on sites to post racist, uneducated,stupid comments, please get an education.

  • Charlie T

    Bynum and Lamar were both wrong man. I would have gotten up and whooped Bynum’s as for doing that to me.

  • Loosje

    I’m not gonna lie i don’t really care for basketball but i have played my fair share and have watched a little bit more and this is how i see it. Odom gets bumped for rough play and Bynum (being less than a leader) sees a way out of the embarrassment the Lackers are suffering and takes an opportunity to make a statement that while ill-conceived leaves him feeling like he protected his paint and still gets to leave the game early. A leader (dare I say Kobe) would have played more like Kobe, (or Michael or Larry or Isaiah or Magic or the Admiral or…). Heroes want to remain on the battle field win or lose, fighting for victory until it is achieved or they are killed/captured. Lesser men find easier ways out. Odom played physical/rough; Bynum tucked his manhood between his legs and straight walked off the court.

  • I’m a die hard LAKER fan and I think Bynum should be banned from the league…….If it were a close game then there is nothing wrong with a hard foul but regardless of what the score was this was a GHETTO CHEAP SHOT!!!! I played basketball in high school and it’s tough enough to get through a game without getting injured, but if someone pulled that (baby-shit crap) on our floor, trust me, we would be cracking skulls………..as for Dallas shooting three pointers with the score the way it was, I say let it rain…..if you want to win a championship in the NBA you better not ever try and not score, or it will eventually come back to haunt you!!!!!!!!


  • lakers are fagola’s

    anyone who cheers for the lakers is a moron, id rather cheer for the timberwolves then the lakers. band wagon fans will be leaving by the millions after this year. Kobe is a punk, rapist

  • Rollin Hadsell

    I keep hearing some of you say the Mavs are dirty? Wasn’t it just two or three weeks ago that the word “soft” came up when talking about the Mavericks? How can the Mavericks be “soft” and dirty at the same time?

    I am taking no shots at Kobe. He plays his heart out every game. I hate the Lakers, but I like Kobe.

    Odom and Bynum are just idiots. I know I am gonna get raked over the coals for these comments, but whatevery.

    By the way, GO MAVS!!!!!

  • Carl

    Scumbag move!!!! NO CLASS

  • rick

    Bynum and Odom are both racist and have a civil lawsuit filed against them and the lakers

  • johnson

    ….Get over it. This is the playoffs, everyone has bumped their gums for the past few years how “soft” the Lake Show iz….was the hardwwod soft JJ? C ya next year!……good work Mavs u owned us.