Lionel Messi scored both goals in Barcelona's first leg win over arch-rivals Real Madrid
Lionel Messi scored both goals in Barcelona's first leg win over arch-rivals Real Madrid, including a must-see second.


Barcelona forward Lionel Messi needs no introduction.  The consensus best player in the world erupted for two second half goals in his team’s 2-0 win over arch-rivals Real Madrid.

His second goal may not yet be making the rounds on the internets, but you can find it here first.

What strikes me about this, was that it was a typical — “signature” even — Messi goal. He does on the training ground, he does it in preseason, he does it in league games, he does it in cup games, and apparently he does it in the SEMI-FINAL OF THE UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE as well!

They call him “The Atomic Flea.”  Check out why:

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  • Some of the worst defending I’ve seen in a long time. As a Real fan, that is incredibly disappointing and shameful. 1 v 5…pitiful. Then again, you can really expect a lot when a third of the game Real is down a man

  • tonyspeed

    he does what he does well. play well against 10 men.

    • Jim

      1 against 5 is not good enough odds for Madrid – he took the ball by himself against half of your defense and made them look like 2nd division

    • murty

      When Messi scored his first goal he was alone in the Madrid box against 5 defenders and the goalkeeper. For the second he was about the only Barça player in the Madrid half as he slalomed past 5 before beating the keeper.
      That’s not becasue they were down to 10 men. That’s bad defending.

  • mir

    sickening messi

  • Sure Real had 10 men at the time, but Messi got the ball in a spot on the field where the opposition had 2 defensive midfielders and their back 4 all in place. They were short an attacker at the time.

    Give the boy his due.

  • dred44

    He’s worth everything they pay him, and even if he plays for a team you don’t follow you’ll know that he’s that good.

  • giovanni

    its awful to see what messi did to the defenders. these guys are professionals & they have to take responsible for they actions

  • mugo

    madrid fans are jus h8rz.poor mou nxt seasn he surely mst lower hz decibels