Full disclosure: I hate Joe Theismann. I think the guy is a douche bag of tremendous, epic proportions. It feels like he’s still bitter that Lawrence Taylor broke his leg in half and he takes it out on every young player that comes into the league. As talk heats up that controversial QB Cam Newton could be the #1 pick at this weeks draft, Joe ups the haterhade in typical Joe Theismann fashion. Theismann said that he doesn’t even believe Newton is a legitimate 1st rounder:

“You’re talking about a kid that started one year of football,” Theismann said. “He’s rushed the ball a lot more than he’s thrown it. He hasn’t thrown the football a lot. And when he did throw at the combine, he was not impressive….I think the interview that he did with Jon Gruden showed another side of him that wasn’t impressive….I like all these [quarterbacks] as kids, but I’m talking about purely as football players, I think wherever you go, you’re stretching.”

(via SB Nation)