The Blackhawks lost to the Vancouver Canucks 3-2 in Chicago last night, however it is not all good news for the Canucks. Raffi Torres of the Canucks was skating in his first game back since April 5 when his blindside hit on Edmonton Oilers’ Jordan Eberle landed him a four-game suspension from the NHL. Torres was definitely back to his old ways Sunday night in Chicago. Torres took a 2 minute penalty for a vicious hit on Brent Seabrook in the second period, but we can nearly guarantee that isn’t the last of his punishment. Torres caught Seabrook on his blindside with a hard body check which the NHL will be reviewing closely to see if he was going after the head or not. I was amazed Seabrook got up and skated away fine. What do you think: illegal or a clean hit?

Coach of the Blackhawks Joel Quenneville let his assessment of the hit be heard following the play:

“Brutal. Major. Absolutely. They missed it. We could have scored four goals on that play. Is it a suspension? I don’t have to worry about that. It’s not my call. The guy didn’t even get through his first game back off one.”

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  • Grey

    Hell yeah that was clean. Front to front, no elbows. Seabrook needs to keep his headup.

    • general

      You must be canadian,…go back to the 70’s goon hockey EH!!! You clown, it was a total head shot. HOMER!!!

      • Mike

        Chicago crybabies. Don’t worry your season will be over soon after the sweep. It was a good hard check. He cant help Seabrook glass jaw…

        • Mike

          I dont live in Chicago, but as I see it…Torres could have had teh puck but decided to hit Seabrook who didn’t have the puck. He hit him to injure him and take him out of the game. To me that is a dirty hit. Suspend him and fine him big time.

        • Mike

          agreed….Chitown is just upset because they are geting whooped on…clean hit, shouldn’t have even been a penalty.

      • Mac

        You must be an American….HUH?

      • orca

        First of all, there was no elbow.Torres actually turned his body slightly and Seabrook has played long enough to never skate around the net looking the wrong way. For that matter have you seen the hits that Seabrook has given out to players that are looking out. Usually its on someone like the Sedines or other none violent players.

        • Travis

          Really dude you must be blind Torres clearly lowers his shoulder and comes up with the elbow he is a dirty player and always has been. I hate Chicago but dont like as**holes getting away with cheap shots.

      • JB

        Clean hit all the way this is not figure skating you weasel !! This still a mans sport called hockey!

      • Brian

        and your a coward to make such a comment and not put at least your name or a fake name up there…why dont you go back too school in your cathlic school girl outfit and leave the real sports too us men….your an idiot, that was a clean hit, 1st rule of playoff hockey (just hockey for that matter) KEEP YOUR HEAD UP….

    • Krush

      I’m not a big fan of either team, but Torres aimed for Seabrook’s head. How can you keep your head up and pick up the puck at the same time? Aiming for the head is dirty, and those are the kind of hits that can end a career and lead to the downward spiral of CTI (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy).

      Until the league and the NHLPA decide to protect their interests by protecting their players, this problem will continue. Head hunting is dirty and dangerous. It must end.

      • Cb

        if you’ve ever played hockey you would know that in all plays you identify your next play when the puck is coming your way. Seabrook made the mistake of taking the play lightly. What if Torres or any player doesnt make that check? You let the other team just move the puck in their own zone? not realistic
        I agree the league has to do something about the head injuries but thats not Raffi Torres fault that the game is faster than ever and causing these injuries. He did a normal night in night out hockey play that is legal. Why do you think he was so upset he even got a penalty?

        • canknucklehead

          are you actually for real.
          if seabrook had the puck you potentially argue it was a good hit.
          torres is a canadian cholo(bum scumbag) in spanish for uyahayder guys up in the north.
          we will see tonite, when seabs takes torres out of his nonproducing career.
          oh damn, i hope they play eager, damn will he f’up that sissy torres.

          • jimbo

            eager isn’t on the team anymore, dumb ass!!

          • jimbo

            eager isn’t on the team anymore, dumb a$$

    • Habs

      Completely clean. It was not a head-shot. Seabrook had his head down. It was “old school”, Eddie Shore. Tough guys play this game. If you thought it was illegal, your not a tough guy.

      • JoeGrant

        You need a bigger television. Too true, Vancouver is spanking the Blackhawks. But there is no room for an elbow to the head on a solid check. Have you played hockey, tough guy? Watch the replay again on a bigger television. It’s an obvious elbow to the head. It’s his m.o. after all. Just imagine what might happen to Torres if he decides to go sight seeing in Chicago. Dirty player doesn’t = tough guy.

    • Jeff

      I’m not from Chicago or Vancouver, and have no favorite in this series. Seabrook was going to handle the puck, and if he’d kept his head up, would have seen the hit coming. Torres kept his elbows down and checked with the upper arm and shoulder. The hit looked clean to me.

  • Tom

    Sorry, he did use his elbow and there was no reason to go for the head. Seabrook did not touch the puck, so it was illegal.

    • Grant C

      In what alternate parallel universe did you watch this game where Torres used his elbow? Because here in this one it was clearly pointing straight down into his midsection when contact was made.

  • Stu

    While I dont think it was dirty, I was dissapointed that Campoli did not cross check Torres in his teeth after seeing him do that to his team mate….He had the chance while Torres was getting off his knees and Seabrook was temporarily disabled……Torres just looks like an @$$ hole…..Shame on you Campoli…..Shame on you

  • Mike

    I gotta agree with Grey on this! Keep your head up and on swivel and that hit never happens. It was a shot to the head but not at all Torres fault. On the forecheck you separate the player from the puck to gain position and possession of the puck. I don’t even know if I agree with the penalty. You could argue reckless play from Torres, but he was controlled(elbows down, stick down, shoulder to shoulder) and blew Seabrook up. Seabrook wasn’t prepared to be hit so he wasn’t tensed up for the hit which allowed Torres shoulder to glance off his and make subtle head contact. Seabrook was playing reckless by thinking he could nonchalantly go back and retrieve the puck without looking over his shoulder. He deserved that hit. I’m not a fan of head shots and think they should be removed from the game, but this is careless. Seabrook should know better, especially in the playoffs. BTW, I’m a Penguins fan who knows Cooke was/is careless and dangerous. Cooke would’ve been suspended 10+ games for that hit given his history, but I still argue it’s a clean hit regardless of who made it.

    • Homer

      torres could of turned to chace the puck as it came past him but instead he lifted his stick off the ice and went for the hit he could of turned to get the puck had his back to seabrook and derw a penalty but he chose to go for the dirty hit

    • Walderman

      “Seabrook wasn’t prepared to be hit, Seabrook was playing reckless by thinking he could nonchalantly go back and retrieve the puck without looking over his shoulder. He deserved that hit. Seabrook should know better”. I couldn’t agree more pal, but being a Penguins fan I would like to point out the very same thing about your star player “Cid the Kid”, AKA Cindy, he was hit and and hasn’t played since because he thought he could (being the star he is) nonchalantly go back to the bench and “pow” he’s out for the season! When you are on the ice you are fair game, however having said that, I do believe players like Torras and Cook should set for a long time after such a hit. You nor anyone else can tell me that Torras wasn’t looking for a “head shot”, you know it, I know, and the people in charge of the NHL know it, sooooooooo, why is he still out there?

  • Stever

    Seabrook did not have the puck. That hit was intent to injure, not an attempt to get the puck. Illegal.
    Two can play the same game. Look out for game #4

  • Metamonkey

    Absolutely. Clean hit. Seabrook was playing like Lindros.

  • DMeisner

    That was a deliberate elbow to the head. I don’t care if the guys looking or not. I don’t care if he intended to hit him in the head or not. It WAS an elbow to the head. Major and tossed out. I think the league needs to determine if it was deliberate or not (I think it was) and if so suspend him again.

    You accidently trip a guy or triip him on purpose – a trips a trip and you pay the price. You go around deliberately tripping people game and game out, I’m sure the league will have something to say about it.

    You play his style of game you’re gonna have situations where you land a hit on someones head and you pay the price. If he don’t like, he needs to get better at his style of play. If you keep doing it deliberately eventually you’ll be out of a job.

    I enjoy this style of play. He’s had many good legal hits. This was not one.

    • Grant C

      Fascinating how Torres managed to be standing flat on the ice with his elbow pointed straight down and tucked into his midsection and still elbow Seabrook in the head with it. I was unaware Torres was 9 feet tall, that’s amazing.

      Or is it that Seabrook is 3’8″ or something?

      Or…. maybe… you’re full of it?

  • josh

    if thats anybody else but some dude coming back from a suspension it’s not this big of deal…..looked like Kronwall on havlat from a couple of years ago. they both didnt keep their head up and were playing the puck. reputation and the reaction got him in the most trouble

  • Cobra

    Clean hit. The kids got to keep his head up.. First thing taught at old time hockey schools

  • marc

    This was a clean hit. Things to look at 1) each player was coming from both sides of the net. 2) he was going for the puck and pulled his stick away at the last minute. 3) skating backwards with your head down behind the net. 4) elbows in stick down . This is the 3rd or 4th time Seabrook has gone down like this, maybe its him turning his back to the play trying to get the penalty. If the league is going to make every hit up high a penalty then players like Chara might as well leave now because his shoulder is at head height to 75 % of the league.

  • Laserboy

    For those of you saying it was a deliberate elbow to the head, take a look at the video. He didn’t even hit him with his elbow. Players now seem to be deliberately putting themselves in a “Vulnerable position” to either stop the opposing player from hitting them or drawing a penalty. If you go into the boards and intensionally turn your back to the play, you sould be expecting to get hit. Pretty soon players will be skating backwards into the oppositions end so noone can touch them untill they backhand a shot at the net.

  • IceHazard

    Seabrook deserved to be crushed for skating behind the net while looking the other way, but there was no reason for Torres to put his shoulder into his head and it definitely looks like he did it on purpose. That is exactly the type of play that the league was trying to discourage when they suspended him for 4 games the last time and it looks like he didn’t learn so it should be another suspension.

    And just so it doesn’t look like I’m a Canucks hater, they should also be reviewing Campbell for elbowing Kesler in the head after his shorthand breakaway.

  • Zupa

    Must be all the Hawks fans crying foul. The interference was justified, Seabrook did not have the puck yet. So technically, yes, the hit was illegal. Was it “shot to the head” Illegal? Nope!
    Keep your head up. Wait another second for him to touch the puck and not even an interference call.
    I agree with Laserboy. Soon you’ll have teams hiring a “get hit in the head” guy. A 4’8″ center that guys can’t help but hit in the head. You laugh? Didn’t they do it with goons back in the day when fighting was the norm? Get a big guy that can barely skate, give him a stick to prop himself up, and have him go beat the bleep outta the other guys goon. 🙂

    Ole …… ole, ole, ole

  • Beez

    I have to echo the question about the elbow contact. There was no elbow. Granted things have changed in the past few years in terms of what is considered “clean” but I will maintain that Torres’ hit was not dirty. There was no elbow, the puck was in the vicinity, Torres hit him with his shoulder and Seabrook needs to take *some* responsibility for not being more aware of his vulnerable positioning. But hey, I’m Canadian so I must be a fan of “goon hockey”….

  • gameon13

    It was a dirty shame and shame on Torres who left his feet to try to take out another valable player on a depleted Black Hawks’ lineup. He should have been gone for the rest of the year or, given the Canuck’s playoff history, the next round as the team hasn’t been past the 2nd round since 1994 and certainly will not last all that long.
    Torres also extended his elbow to deliver a hit to the head so the league has gone soft in the head in their decision not to suspend Torres.

  • djf

    Canada Sucks!!! PERIOD! Canuks have always SUCKED!!

    • nisgo

      Canada sucks?? Wow, what does Canada have to do with this hit? Seabrook is Canadian as are most of the players with the Black Hawks… You do know that, right? You that the Canucks, fine but what a stupid statement…. p.s. Canadian economy and dollar is certainly stronger than the U.S. so they can’t be that bad…

      • nisgo

        sorry… you hate the Canucks, fine….

        • djf

          ok, apologize on the statement! Yes I HATE the Canuks!!!!

  • Mike

    Torres went right passed the puck to make the hit. It was dirty and he should get another suspension. He had 1 thing on his mind, Taking the opponent out.

  • all of you punks throwing out comments saying it was a clean hit would still have your candy-asses laying on the ice- watch the hit! no intention to play the puck- directed at the head- Torres needs to learn a lesson that he is just too thick-headed about- suspend him again- luckily Seabrook is a stud- if he was twitching on the ice and got carted off- Torres would be gone already- is that what we want in this league- too many talented players at risk from goons who barely know how to skate

  • Dan

    Clean hit. Not a fan of either of these teams, but that was a clean hit all day long. Keep your head up son!!!

  • rbrdiky

    Don’t worry, the hawks will get even tomorrow. Watch John Scott take someones head off!!! Oh yeah, what is a Canuck anyway? Stupid Canadians.

    • Dawnie

      Wow American ignorance at it’s finest. Give yourself a hand buddy, you’ve just proven Americans really are as ignorant as the rest of the world thinks they are. How does Torres not getting suspended make all Canadians “stupid?” Comments like that only come from sore losers who’s teams are down 3-0 in the series.

      • john

        who was crying the last two years when the skate was on the other foot where is your stanley cup cheap shot by torries hahahaha…..

  • Big E

    Plain & simple, dirty hit. I’ve played with guys like this all my life. They don’t change. You do not need guys on the ice only trying to hurt other players. Clean it up. Not only was the hit intentional, but he wanted to take him out of the game on injury. Vancouver should step up & suspend him themselves for the remaining games of the playoffs. I would remove him from the team, much like other frnachises do with trouble players. Then let the league hand out their own punishment. Vancouver is too good for the Hawks this year. They certainly don’t need this guy on the team & they certainly don’t need him to win the cup.

    • Cb

      You do realize it was normal hockey hit. The puck is at Seabrook when contact is made. The only way Seabrook could get away with that laziness is in non contact mens hockey. Watch any other hockey game tonight and players get nailed like that. 99 out of 100 times the guy on the receiving end knows its coming and braces himself. They have their heads in the game….. Seabrook unfortuately didnt on that one.

  • Big daddy

    Legal hit, not a bad hit at all…player needs to be aware of defender, basic101 hockey, if your head is down youre gonna get rocked…ask Eric Lindros….

  • We the paying fans are getting screwed by the NHL with the lousy officiating and inequitable system of suspension! I.E. Superstars with dirty hits causing injury and games lost, get zero.
    (Ovetchkin- Gonchar) (Sharp-Martin) Charas dirty hit. We get screwed as we do not see these guys play out the season. And I forgot the foot stomping plays of Stuban. Took out Stall for a season. If a player causes an injury with a game misconduct he should be out till that player comes back PERIOD!!!!

  • Ron

    I am in no way biased towards either one of these teams. Actually I hate them both, but this has to be one of the dumbest calls by the nhl this season. There is getting to be such an inconsistency on these calls for hits to the head that no one knows what is legal and what is not. I mean Torres just got off a suspension for a hit to the head and he had plenty time to think about this hit before he actually laid it on. I feel that he needs at least a slight suspension just for making a poor decision to hit somebody in that position. I will admit Seabrook’s head was down, but by not enforcing any type of suspensions it seems as if the NHL is saying its alright to hit someone in the head as long as their head is down. Does that sound stupid to anyone else?

  • Still looking for this phantom elbow people think they see. Seabrook is nonchalantly waiting on the puck in a NHL Playoff game… Really? You get blasted in peewees for something like that, what makes you think that you can get away with it in the “Pros…” Torres hits him square with his shoulder in the chest as Seabrook opens his body to Torres. It was a tactical hit that took Seabrook out of the play which leaves Mason Raymond as the closest player to the puck, although, he stops to check out the aftermath. Torres’ skates don’t leave the ice till after the hit, he preps for the hit, Seabrook dead fished it feeling the impact with no fore knowledge… Seabrook’s face bounces off Torres’ shoulder pad but that is to be expected with a hit. We can bi**h and whine all we want, but they are on the ice and we are in the stands, I understand fair is fair but if you do not respect the inherent dangers of the game you are going to get leveled. Keep your head on a swivel and it will stay on your shoulders.

  • John

    Plenty of discussion and I watched the replay about 40 times in slomo and I agree with Mark’s statements

    When the puck slides out from below two players it’s not even interference, it’s a hit, nothing wrong and shouldn’t have gotten the penalty.- just how you diagram it in hockey schools across the country.

    Thankfully Brent wasn’t hurt but it is his misguided play that puts him in the position not a bad/mean/dirty hit by Torres.

    By comparison look at Coyotes/Wings and Doan’s contact with Franzen the other day, 21 stitches and NO CALL because it was hockey. It would appear that all the arm chair quarterbacks and barstool hockey players want the lawyers to call the games. Let the boys play and call the games the way it was intended.

    Good Luck Chicago but I think the Canucks finally can dish it out as well as put it in the net, going to be an interesting game 4.

  • Cb

    Its a hockey play & its playoff hockey…. keep your head up. What was Torres suppose to do stop to let Seabrook control the puck? Seabrook didnt expect Torres to be there…. Seabrooks fault for not paying attention. Seems obvious

  • strat

    the age old saying, keep your head up, clean hit, if you don’t want to get hit, try curling

  • Derek Jackson

    Come on this was not a headshot…. clean hit right in the chest plain and simple. I don’t like to see anyone get hurt but it happens in contact sports. Torres is getting paid a lot of money to do a job which includes finishing his checks….. what else would you have him do? Should he have given him a hug? You don’t win the Stanley Cup by playing soft hockey and that is a big reason why Chicago is down 3-0 right now and before anyone calls me a stupid Canadian please be advised I can’t stand the Canucks and would love to see the Hawks take the next 4 games.

  • RKW

    It was a great clean hit. Should not have been penalized. Seabrook deserved to be lit up like a Xmas tree for being so nonchalant .

  • ron

    this one is a no brainer, the nhl just lost all credibility and the real loser is the next star player that is seriousl injured. if the jerseys were reversed and seabrooke had hit daniel sedin; vancouver’s playoff run and 40th anniversary could have been over. i’ve been a canuck van for forty years. the canucks should be sending torres to tuckteyuctuk and apologizing to the rest of the league before another idiot like bertuzzi retaliates and ruins another life

  • Jaw

    Clean as can be. If you have ever played hockey that is money in the bank when some goon has his head down and you get the chance to light him up. After watching forty replays of it in slow motion and listening to all the blowhards explain how dirty it was it’s just BS. What was he meant to do hug him? You go behind the net looking behind you in the NH fuggin L and that’s all of a sudden dirty. Watch where you are going pussy.

  • Tom


    • mark


  • HH

    Is this a serious question? I am all for hard hits, fighting etc but that hit was completely illegal and given the fact this was this punks first game back from a suspension from a similar cheap hit, this loser should be suspended for the rest of the year and the beginning of next year. As one of the commentators correctly mentioned, this a-hole is a spare part, adds nothing and vancouver would not miss him. The NHL needs to get serious on scumbags such as this who targets heads especially dirtbag repeat offenders.

    BTW in case anybody was wondering I am neither a canuck or black hawk fan.

  • I clearly saw Torres intent to injure , he hit with his body and followed through with his elbow to the head. It was like deliberately slamming your car into a car stopped at a red light at a high speed. Hockey is not demolishin derby,it is a sport that should be about talent on skates,skill, technic and strategy.It is not about mamming and trying to permanently disable somebody.Fine steeply and suspend this bonehead and anyone who plays like this.

  • Ian

    Clean. The NHL Classifies behind the net a “hitting area” that players need to be more aware than they are in other places on the ice. Seabrook didn’t see it coming because he had his head down. Bob McKenzie sums it up beautifully in this article….

  • blackhacks down

    It’s hockey, it’s physical, get over it. It was a clean hit otherwise he would have been suspended agian. Keep your head up and quit whining. Chicago, true to form, are crying like a bunch of little girls. It starts from the top with Queerville’s remarks in which he was completely off base, but whiny coach – whiny team. Don’t worry blackhacks it’s almost over and then Brenda Seabrook can go ice dancing with Cindy Crosby. Chicago sucks!!!

  • Braun

    “Hockey” is being taken over by Goon’s, like Torres, and it’s a real shame too. Skilled players are lucky if they make it through the playoffs in one piece.

    Personally, I think any intentional cheap shot, and especially head shots, have to be removed completely from the game, then we can enjoy hockey for what it is meant to be, a skill game.

  • Mike T

    ‘Hockey is being taken over by goons’? Where have you BEEN the last 50 years?? It is a physical game- you keep your head up! Torres did NOT use his elbow, he lead with his shoulder. Seabrook had his head down AND was looking the wrong way. If Torres had used his elbow, he would have broken Seabrook’s neck…It is the same way Lindros got leveled years ago by Scott Stevens I think. I used to throw hits like that all the time. It was legal then and it is legal now. Lining someone up from another zip code and drilling him with your shoulder or hip- ahh, poetry.


    Look at the highlight reels on Torres folks. EVERY hit this guy makes targets the opponents head in a similiar manner to the one on Seabrook. If this isn’t telling I don’t know what is. This is the second hit to the head on Seabrook in less than 2 weeks. They overlooked the Abdelkader hit to the head on Seabrook in the last game of the season against Detroit and now this. Remember last year when Wisnewski ran him unsuspectingly into the boards and was suspended. Seabrook plays it tough but not dirty.

  • JB

    Clean Hit All the way !!! Still a Mans sport its called Hockey not Figure skating Seabrook should of had his head to see the train !! Great hit !

  • mark

    All of these dumb@ss comments about whether he made contact with the elbow or shoulder, it doesn’t matter. You cannot initiate contact or aim at the head, unintentional or not. Intent doesn’t matter, you must maintain control of your body. The NHL missed this one, even with all of the emphasis on head shots recently, especially for repeat offenders. This guy need to be exited from the league.

    And for all of the tough guy comments, about this is a man’s sport, blah blah blah, Seabrook is one of the NHL’s toughest. It not of question of toughness, it rule interpretation. IF you want violence without rules, go WWF style wrestle your brother in your back yard and do the world a favor and stop spreading your genes.

  • mark

    Here’s the rule:

    Go Hawks!