6’10” John Amaechi played in the NBA for 8 seasons (1995-2003) and came out after his career becoming the NBA’s first openly gay player. He wrote a book called Man In the Middle about being a gay professional athlete. He sat down with USA Today recently to discuss Kobe’s Bryant’s “F*cking F*ggot” slur directed towards a ref and the $100,000 that the NBA fined him for the poor judgement. It also begs the question: Should Kevin Garnett owe the NBA 100,000 dollars?

From the interview:

Q: What was your first impression when you heard Bryant’s remark?

A: I’m surprised that people are surprised. This is common language when I played. It was an everyday word that I heard. I haven’t seen anything new put in place (by the NBA) to tackle homophobia. There’s no reason for it to somehow get better.

Q: And what do you think of Bryant’s statement of “apology”?

A: I suppose that’s the typical, “I apologize if you’re offended”‘ type of comment. I doubt very much when he said that that he thought Bennie was a pile of sticks. There’s only one contemporary meaning for that.

The problem we have now is because of the way we don’t address homophobia, the ultimate insult to a man is to tell them either they’re like a woman or worse, that they’re gay.

We have to take it as unacceptable as a white person screaming the N-word at a black person. … I can tell you that I’ve been called a f——- fairly routinely, and yet people seem to hold off on calling me the N-word. We’ve got to mirror that progress.

Read the whole interview at USA Today.

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  • Andy

    Why is it that a person can curse God or Jesus Christ or use language along that line and that is acceptable? It is very offensive and shows a lack of character and language ability. I would guess that Jon Amaechi along with probably 95% of NBA players has let loose with curse words or degrading language just in other areas. Is this acceptable? If so, how? I think it shows a lack of respect and is just as degrading. Why don’t they take on the whole problem instead of one area?

    • Bobby

      I am black and I don’t thing Koby should have apologized, I would not. In any sporting event a lot of talk (degrading language) is the norm, even the so-called N-word, and by the way, the meaning of is BLACK KING. Until homesexuality is accepted by Gods law, thay do not compare to one another. African Americans and gay’s are not in the same game.

      • I can’t agree with you more on this. Yes, it was not a nice comment but I for one am tired of a group of people who live a deplorable lifestyle that feel like they can get in the face of people that don’t agree with their lifestyle in a very harsh way yet when somebody makes a slur that may have nothing to do with their obnoxious lifestyle then they are indignant about it.
        I look at this in the same vain as Muslims in the US that don’t like it when people speak out against Islam. We are afforded the 1st ammendment and if you take a moment to consider Muslim culture and how many Christians are killed just for trying to share the gospil, you can see the major hypocrisy. Fundamentalist Islam talks about taking harsh measures against those that are against them including killing them. If a person is Muslim and chooses to leave, they are to be killed.
        If a person is with a certain lifestyle that is not widely accepted, don’t flaunt it in other people’s faces.
        In everyday language, faggot also doesn’t necesarily connotate homosexual. It describes a person that is uppity and uptight that doesn’t go with the flow. Political correctness is killing the US culture.

        • Really?

          Being a certain nationality in not a choice or a sin. Being gay is both. I HATE the comparison because no one has to know your gay unless U want them too. For most people what race U are is tatooed on your face at birth.

          • Ed Debevic

            These comments of ignorance and intolerance show that human race is de-evolving at a rapid pace. We are the only species that is becoming weaker and less intelligent with each passing generation. The only hope is that most of the people commenting on this story have not and will not reproduce.

      • DEE

        You’re not Black, ur a A-HOLE that what u are

        • CallMeWhatever


      • Melvin Williamson

        It’s not a sin to be a black man, it is a sin to be a homosexual. Nice try John Amaechi but we are not buying it. Not even close.

    • htrjeyt

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    • Tom


    • Jimmy James

      I do not understand why words can bother people so bad. I do not think someone should have to say im sorry for just saying something. I mean stick and stones will break bones but words will never hurt me. I was always told growing up if someone calls you a idiot not to let it bother you unless you are one. If someone calls you a “n” then it should not bother you unless you are one. If the ref is a “F” then maybe it bothered him by Kobi letting everyone know. I just dont understand why everyone wears there hearts n there sleeves any more. I mean just grow the F up and and ignore the ignorance of the people calling the names. God will sort them out – Karma is a bitch.
      If you let people know things bother you they will keep doing it.

    • Jeff

      What makes gay’snand leisbans anymore special than any one else. As a black man we have been disrespected often but it never make the news. Can america focus on something different than the choices people make in life because no one is born that way it’s a choice that is made and then it is blown up because some people want everyone to see it their way” just like politics”. Kobe should not had to apoligized are paid a fine that is crazy.

      • frank

        wow nice writing! 5th or 6th grade education? Wow!

  • Tony

    Being called a f*ggot and the N word does not compare to one another! African Americans had no choice back in the days of slavery (which this word was greatly used) and blacks were murdered, raped and worked 21 hours a day because of their color of their skin, had no rights. I hate when someone uses this analogy, because the two just don’t compare to each other. One might be a choice ( or born that way), the other had no choice! I still don’t really know the meaning behind the word f*ggot, some say it’s another term used for a cigarette or back in the day they tied people to sticks and burned them for being gay. Seems that no one knows for sure the meaning for it.

    • straight and supportive

      homesexuality is not a choice (excepting bisexual people who could go either way). John is absolutely right. I understand while you can’t directly compare the two situations (and I don’t think John was trying to do that), we do need to get a point where this sort of language is unacceptable. I don’t mean to downplay the wrongs against blacks, but gays haven’t exactly had a walk in the park in terms of discrimination.

      you can argue semantics and meaning all you want – but we all know exactly what Kobe meant.

      • Straight and unsupportive

        Homosexuality is a choice and my assertion is supported by scientific data, if someone chooses a deviant lifestyle they should not expect support.

        • Straight and very supportive

          Um, OK…go ahead and cite the “scientific” data that supports your assertion, so we can check it ourselves.

      • There is a homo gene?

      • thepromised1

        Wrong! its a choice… quit drinking the kool kids aid… NO SCIENCE ON THIS PLANET supports the claim that people are born with a predisposition to homosexuality. Every study EVER done has been inconclusive all though there are many theories circulating within society. It appears that people who buy into the mainstream’s unfounded knowledge… have latched on to false science in an attempt to circumvent natural order. Natural order of humans is MALE + FEMALE = OFFSPRING, REPRODUCTION is THE primary reason for sex i.e sexual orientation, natural selection, etc and all other forms of Natural order are purely choice and desire driven. I have no problems with what people choose to do, it’s is none of my concern. My concern is that we are basing it on science that does not exist.

      • Melvin Williamson

        Homosexuality is a sin just like lying, or stealing, or hating or adultery. It’s form of lust. It’s a lifestyle of adultery or fornication except instead of men lusting after women, it’s men lusting towards other men. That’s why homosexual wants it so bad to have society accept them as married couples, so that then in their twisted (sinful) mindset they are married hence; they are not really sinning because they are married. They are not disobedient to God. Most homosexuals by the way believe in God. Some are atheist but only a minority.

        If you are a homosexual, you are a sinner just like all of us. We are all sinners. The Bible is very clear about that. So how does a homosexual stops from being a homosexual? Or how does a sinner stops from sinning. Repent and turn to God. That’s a choice that a man, a sinner can do. He or she has a choice to turn to God or not. Then let God change your heart. That’s where the root of the problem is.

      • Tony J

        I am black and I deplore the comparison of my skin color to the act of being homosexual. Plese find something else to compare it to as I see this comparison as a total insult.

      • malik

        what about freedom of speaks ? And there is no gay person ever been treated as bad as black people in this country

        • CallMeWhatever

          Yes indeed! Freedom of “speak” is very important.

  • Pat

    It’s also wrong for black people to use the N-word at each other.

    • @Pat.

      First Of all, You don’t even no the Meaning of Origin of the “N” word. It originates from the word Negus which is African (Ethiopian) for KING. Negus Negast means KING OF KINGS. A Black Man being crowned KING basically. White People tried to change its meaning to “a Stupid Person during slavery.

      Black people (even though many of them don’t even know them know themselves) have every right to call themselves that word. Heck, they’ve EARNED the right to do so after all Horrific treatment they’ve endured for hundreds of years. I mean you’re talking about being kidnapped, Beaten, Mutilated, Humilated, having their spouses and their children Raped (even while they’re loved ones were FORCED TO WATCH).

      I mean, how Dare you compare ANYTHING regarding the Black/African Race to a homesexual slur which is a chosen lifestlye.

      The LEAST that can be done is to let Black People call themselves whatever they want without a White Person telling them what they can and can not say to and about each other after what was done to them by White People in the first place.

      This has absolutely NOTHING to do with a Homosexual Slur that was commonly used not too long ago to a group of people that choose a lifestyle (not a race) that have never endured the atrocities of the Black/African Race.

      Please, stay on the topic at hand and don’t make that comparison because it only adds INSULT to that.

      • Mr.J

        Mr.247, learn your history again. Africans were sold into slavery by Africans. Rival tribes abducted each other and then were sold to the Europeans. Good god, you act like black people are the only ones to have suffered in history. Close you mouth, read and open your mind. Your angry thinking only keeps the hatred going.

    • Anthony

      THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Chantel

    This is so stupid.
    People say the word retarded without actually meaning someone or something is retarded. Its just something you say when you are mad. Same as what Kobe did, its basically just calling someone a name. He could have said, “You f’ing retard!” to the ref. In this case, it probably would have been more appropriate of a name because he thought what the ref did was stupid. Why don’t you people get off your high horse? They are just…words. Names. Quit being so sensitive. I am clearly not an advocate of this PC garbage they try to shove down our throats. That’s why we have a nation full of pussies! Do I mean literal pussies? NO I mean a bunch of dumb softies. Kobe Bryant did nothing wrong.
    Gay people are weird. God said it is wrong to be gay.
    Silly f@ggot, dicks are for chicks!!!!

    • Noel

      Amen, Chantel! Hell, if the human rights group jump at every derogatory word uttered by everyone, we’d all be apologizin’ to each other every freakin’ day! jeez! People are blowin’ this thing up out of proportion. Tsk tsk tsk!

      • Nugent

        AMEN – Chantel and Noel.

  • Chantel

    Yuck at being a gay NBA player. That’s just wrong.

    • Anthony F.

      I Love You!!!

  • Honest_abe

    My question is this ..if we can’t use religous,ethnic, racial, and sexual orientation slurs without shame how are we to insult one another?

    • Melvin Williamson

      That’s an honest question. I appreciate that. Honest_abe, we don’t have to insult one another, we should be praying for one another.

      “bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you.”…… Luke 6:28

  • CallMeWhatever

    Damn! Gay 6’10 NBA player. How NASTY! I would F*ck him up if he tried to set a pick on me with his ass all up in the air! That’s straight NASTY!

  • matr

    Bobby, In what dictionary does N- word mean black king? I’ve never seen that before, did you just make this up?

  • Bob

    Anyone who thinks homosexuality is a choice has never spent significant time really getting to know a gay person.

  • Terrell

    At the end of the day sexual orientation is a choice. People have been straight for years and then all of a sudden they realize that they are gay. Amaechi himself was so called straight for 8 years in the NBA and then he decided he would come out and be with men. Girls say they are gay in college and then you see them 5 years later and they are married with 3 kids. You choose who you want to date. Hell people who are White date other Whites and then decide they want to date Blacks or Hispanics and vice versa. Stop comparing race to sexual orientation. They are in two different lanes. Your race is what your race is and you can attempt to change it but ultimately you will remain the same or look really weird lol. It can be factually proven what race you are. You don’t come out of your mother and the doctor checks girl, Hispanic, gay, 16 inches, and 9 pounds. We have about-what-300 million Americans in our country? Did the census include the straight and gay ones? Yes, because it really doesn’t matter. We live in a judgmental society and people will continue to use slurs towards you because of your race, sexuality, religion, political views and on and on. People don’t change cause you want them to they change because they want to when it comes to their views and judgments.

  • Just more people who look at there little world and believe everybody else has to adapt to them. Here in California liberals want to force children to learn about GAY history. Ok what happen to Latin American and Black. People curse out of frustration and thats it. In this entire world there are surely gays who curse to and in that cursing who are they offending. Some say they are offending GOD every day but I think god is to busy and we are just an ant hill for GOD to be concerned. I don’t hate gays I am just not comfortable initially around them because gays are still men and we men have no control alot of times when we find something attractive. So if you are liked by an aggressive gay person after you were really nice to them watch out. Not saying all of them are like this but the majority are annoying as oggeling men are at a nice curvaceous lady. Now I just show indifference and that works out better for me. It might piss them off but fuck em. As for the word “N*GGER” well black people use soo much so and casually it’s really stupid if they get bent or twisted if someone outside of them uses it. My thinking is you say it to each other so that shows your level of intelligence and respect for each other. African Americans are the ones keeping that derogatory word alive and somehow use it as a salutation. Example, rest of the world uses as a greeting “Hello Sir’ in thier respective languages, black people use “What Up MY N*GGA”. Thats retarded, truly retarded. I’ve met alot of successful African Americans who carry themselves not as a “Sellout” but as a person who knows the language of success which isn’t a “WHITE vs US” thing but a “CIVILIZED MODERN HUMAN” vs “IGNANT CLUELESS AND CLASSLESS THING”. At the end of the day who is gonna enjoy life more the “SELLOUT” or the “DOWN WITH THE HOOD” person? At the end of the day which gay person will thrive and live will be good for “The Sensitive” to others perceptions or “Prince Poppy Cock” cause the “PRINCE” has no time for what an NBA player impulsively said, so you decide which one you’ll be.

  • Tom

    First off……a person should be able to speak their mind NO MATTER WHAT. I believe that is in the constitution under the 1st amendment. I understand that there are some people that will not like what you say but ..tough sh*t….you cant live your life trying to appease others or you lose your self in the process.!! We are all entitled to our own opinions no matter what way they lean. Gays/Lesbians may or may not be offended, but the flip side to that coin is also true. I am offended EVERY time I see homosexuals flaunting their sexuality in public or just plain acting obscene, but I also understand they have a right to act that way and that it is up to me to remove myself from the situation if I find it un-acceptable. As for the apology…..I think it was the “PC” thing to do. But get real for a minute….Kobe said that because it’s a part of his make up and personality. You know deep down when the camera is off he talks that way amongst friends. All this is, is an opportunity for people to cry “foul” and be dramatic. Who gives a FU-K??

  • HoopsFan

    I believe the question is: Is Bennie Gay? (the referee), this is the only reason why this story is taking on legsto walk; The phrase is used all the time towards someone whom is not going along with the program and wants to backout of an agreement; Therefore, it’s only relevant if Bennie is gay and Kobe knew that when he uttered the phrase……it cannot be considered a slur unless you know the person you are addressing is gay.

  • Notasbadasyou

    I wonder when most of these people who say being gay is a choice decided they didn’t like going down on a man anymore. I mean, they must have chosen to be straight right? I’m just curious what prompted them to not like getting it from behind anymore. Was it because he didn’t treat you right or something? Let me know as I don’t recall ever making a choice to be straight.

  • JW

    Please don’t give us this crap that you are born gay!! Seriously?? Come up with something else, maybe the truth, about this sickening lifestyle. It is a sin and that’s the bottom line if you believe the word. As far as Kobe and the comment, you can’t have it both ways. Don’t cry about being called a ni*ger and then call someone what they may or may not be!!

    • Brandon

      What good is the truth if you won’t listen to it, moron? Homosexuality is biology. It’s unbelievable people like you can be so ignorant. Seriously? And I don’t believe “The Word”, but do believe the truth. Funny how you have the choice to believe something completely unfounded; yet choose to deny the science of sexual orientation, which has been proven. I wish absolute bigotry and ignorance could make reproduction impossible the way homosexuality does. As for the situation that prompted this debate, I won’t comment because it’d be to lengthy and meticulous for what it would accomplish. I just had to respond to you, because I have an impulse when it’s so ridiculous. One day science will produce a time machine, and you can go back to when “gay people didn’t exist”, nor did any disproof of your almighty god who relies on idiots to speak for him.

  • PlutoIsAPlanet

    Why didn’t they ask Tim Hardaway what he thought of Kobe’s comment?

  • Red

    All athletes use M* F*er word. Does it mean They should apologize to all Moms and should be fined by NBA? Why not? Who decided that this is socially acceptable word?

    First of all Steve Kerr should have shut his F*g mouth since he was a player too and used all these words.

  • Frank

    First of all, GAY is not an option…its genetic. For those of you that use religion, the Bible has instances/refences to homosexuality. To say that he is/was a straight player and suddenly is gay, is pretty stupid. In certain areas in life YOU have to play the “game” to get ahead. thats why some of the most POWERFUL people in the world are closet homosexuals…they would NEVER have been allowed to achieve in this close minded society of hours. The only thing that seperates us from the animal kingdom is the ability to talk….even in that community homosexual behavior exist! AND FYI: any person that actually worships a God that would purposely put a homosexual amongst us to be ridiculed is ignorant. Cause if our behavior indicates that being gay is a NO-NO, then Being latino, black, jew is also a no no. That would mean your god has a special sense of humor. Having said that, some curses have lost all meaning…nigger, bastard, faggot, bitch, etc., they are usually said more to let YOU know that IM talking to YOU! People need to just grow up! You not gay, dont take one in the rear. You not a racist just wouldnt “marry” a minority, dont phuck one either!!

    • sergio

      A frank what deos the Bible say about homosexuals

    • Noel

      fack! so there is a homo gene??? I didn’t know that!

  • BReal

    ‘N-word’ and ‘Fa___’ are by no means to be taken in the same context….race is a physical and unavoidably noticeable characteristic…I don’t see where your sexual choices in any way compare, in regards to an insult. ‘Fa___’, as an insult, should be tantamount to being called a ‘pedophile’…both have to do with a human’s unconventional sexual choices, and how drelict that choice is to those who consider themselves ‘straight’. Keep your sexual choice to yourself, and nobody will be offended…I don’t WANT to know that a man likes to sleep with other men, and I wouldn’t know unless he told me or ‘came out’ to the world. The two terms are incomparable, I’m insulted that gay people would even try to piggyback on the term and it’s level of insult to people of color.

  • DeShoun

    I agree with some of the comments, however i do not agree with anything along the lines of violence towards homosexuals. It Is their lifestyle if they so choose. At the same time you cannot FORCE a people to change their faith based on their choice to life a lifestyle that does not agree with someone’s religious beliefs. If they choose to speak up about their dislike of the homosexual lifestyle they have the right to do so as the homosexuals do to choose that lifestyle. I hear the word intolerance thrown around all the time interestingly enough homosexuals are some of the most intolerable people when it comes to trying to force feed America their lifestyle. African Americans for one have been treated much worst than homosexuals and also had to hide their ethnicity (for those who could actually pass as a white person) for far longer than homosexuals had to hide their sexual preferences. @ Ed Debevic, Funny that you would bring up reproduction, If left to their own devices and without the manipulation of science/adoption “homosexuals” would not be able to reproduce/have children themselves. Lastly you cannot say that a person’s choice in lifestyle trumps another person’s 1st Amendment rights, But to add on, there is a certain respect that every person should receive being a human being. Basically I’m saying that it is hypocritical to be tolerant of homosexuality but intolerant of religion. My religious belief says that homosexuality IS wrong, but i would not call a gay person the F word just as i wouldn’t call a fellow African American the N word.

  • DeShoun

    To amend the last part of my statement, without science/adoption and HETEROSEXUAL intercourse homosexuals would not be able to reproduce/have kids.

  • Tom

    enough already………you bleeding hearts kill me……1st Amendment still rules

  • Tom

    oh the drama….just love that don’t you LGT?

  • Ever

    The whole thing is a non-issue. The only reason Kobe issued a statement was to save his image from further tampering and potential loss in advertisement and sponsor contracts. He doesn’t really feel bad about saying this, and if you think he does, you’re an idiot. Furthermore, he shouldn’t feel bad about this. Worse things are said in practice. If Shannon Brown or Steve Blake said this, no one would care. In fact, we call players that cry “girls” all the time, as well as refs who miss calls “blind” – but we never hear anything from women’s rights clubs or the vision impaired associations. Why? Because they understand the context of the words and phrase and understand it’s not directed at them and therefore not offended.

    People “act” offended to make some money, the media “acts” appalled to boost their moral egos, and the convicted “act” apologetic to shut everyone up. Can we please stop acting like this matters?

    If you’ve ever played a physical, competitive thing in your life, you’ll understand anything goes in “the heat of the moment.” Boxers, hockey players, football players, the armed forces in the military, the coaches of teams, even people driving to work say far worse things when something suddenly doesn’t go their way. Even WNBA players say worse things. And I’d bet my life that homosexual people say some awful things in the heat of the moment. And guess what? No one cares.

    This would be different is Kobe chased the ref down, pointed at him and said, “I hate you for being homosexual and every f*ggot of your kind forever and ever!” THEN, sure, we would have an issue.

    But even if the hated LeBron James was shown saying this by an ill-timed camera shot, it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s time for the world to be realistic about each other and to grow some balls and grow up. Stop acting like you have such thin skin just to get attention and money while you play the victim. And it starts with the media taking a stand and saying, “So what?”

    There’s far more pressing issues in the world to focus on than this nonsense.

    I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all. Why? Because I include a little thing called context into the logic of a situation. If I’m at the gym and someone drops a weight on my foot and I grab my foot and say, “Mother f*cker…” to myself, I’m not actually calling the person who dropped the weight on my foot someone who has non-consensual intercourse with his biological mother. It’s a phrase. A word. Something to let the anger and pain out. It’s not even remotely close to being literal. Same with Kobe.

    Kobe didn’t make an gesture, action or movement to exploit the word. It’s a non-issue. The fact that we’re even talking about this shows how badly lawyers have corrupted our society.

    Now, it’s unfortunate the camera caught him saying that, yes. But it also catches other players, coaches, refs and even the crowd saying things every day. In every sport. If you’re offended by vulgar language in the heat of the moment during a close game, then you have no business watching sports. It’s human nature. It will never change. Gay people weren’t truly offended by this. It’s impossible to be. Period. If LeBron was filmed saying the “S” word, I doubt septic tank engineers would rally a group and demand an apology for trivializing their profession.

    Bottom line: People need to grow up. Welcome to the adult world where humans say unkind things during unkind times. You’re not in kindergarten anymore.

    • daniel

      beautiful. America is turning into a bunch of pansies.

  • another view

    Perhaps the word offended some, ok. So when all the other choice words are used constantly on the floor and the anouncers point it out or blur things why aren’t they ever addressed. FU, A HOLE, etc are used every single day on the court yet no NBA fines. Does Stearn not think these are offensive to anyone with small children? Does Strearn not care about anyones children? Perhaps he only cared when he saw the opportunity to give out some fines to fill those pockets before there is a lock out and all this hooplah is really over nothing?

    I bet if 5 and 6 year olds threatened to protest there would be some action…of course nobody cares about them right? Only care about those with a group behind them….or maybe it was just a word and everyone gives it far too much power then attemps to use it to push their agenda.

    Food for thought.

  • daniel

    Whatever happened to the first amendment? Yeah you should not use degrading language towards anyone but being an American means that you have the right to free speech. I am tired of this political correctness and how scared our society is to speak out against what they believe in because someone might get offended. Kobe say what you want and I wish that you would take the NBA to court for infringing on your right to free speech.

    • Pam

      The First Amendment does NOT mean we can say whatever we want wherever we want. This a NOT a First Amendment issue at all no court in the land would agree that Kobe’s rights were violated. I wish everyone who claims this would read the Constitution in order to understand what it pertains to. Try saying the same thing Kobe did to a co-worker and see what happens. You will be apologizing for it in the unemployment line.

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      Note the word GOVERNMENT

  • El Passo

    I used to play with a Christian guy. Every time I missed a shot I would say “Jesus Christ!” He quietly took me aside and asked if I could stop doing that. I promised him I would try and then ten minutes later I was doing it again. Kobe should also apologize and just try to find something else to say. $100,000 is a pretty good incentive. When you’re angry you need an outlet, if it’s not offensive, it won’t do the trick.

  • You know, this reminds me of what happens at the gym EVERY week and it happened again today. We have 3 or 4 gay guys that go in the locker room and are always looking at my ( and other guys)cranks. If I complain, then I am in the wrong. That’s nonsense. I don’t expect gays to not be aloud to work out of course, but unless they need to use the restroom they should stay out of the lockeroom. B4 all you libs go crazy, am I aloud to shower in the girls lockeroom? There is not a whole lot of difference. It’s like a smorgasboard for them in the men’s lockeroom. They should keep their eyes down out of courtesy. I don’t hate gays, don’t even dislike them. But enough is enough. As for John the former NBA player, people shouldn’t yell at him because he is gay. But he also should quit being such a baby!!!! This big blowup over Kobe’s comment just shows that we kiss gays asses too much. (Well, you know what I mean) The same way we kiss blacks asses too much, and all the other protected groups such as women, Arabs, criminals,drug addicts ect. Everyone needs to grow up. By the way, have you noticed that almost every commercial on tv the white guy is always the idiot? And almost always, the woman is smarter? Think that is an accident? I DO NOT expect them to always make the black or the woman to be protrayed as stupid, let’s just even it up a little. And all you blacks who are mad at my comments, I just want things to be completely even, and that ABSOLUTELY goes for your success in this country. I want blacks to succeed, almost every white person does, but as long as blacks listen to the poverty pimps tell them they can’t make it in this country, and listen to a political party that keeps its power as long as they are poor then they will never be equals economically. Go out there, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  • steve

    Insensative, yes. Worth $100,000, no. I’ve sat courtside and I’ve heard alot worse. It doesn’t make it right, but in the heat of battle people say things they don’t necessarily mean. I played college football, and the N word was more than common, it almost seemed normal. Not only from white players, it would be blacks to. To make a long story short, I played college football and we had a game against a rival team. I had a fantastic game over 200 yrds rushing 3 touchdowns and we were really sticking it to the other team. I could remember getting the business, N word, extra elbows on the bottom of the pile. It just so happened that my High School friend, who is white, played on the other team. It turned out that he was the one saying the crap. So, after the game was called, because of a bench clearing brawl, my teammates were wondering why I wasn’t mad, and why was I talking to the guy who was calling me all this stuff. I said, well he was just mad that he lost the bet, so his Cr@##% ass has to pay for dinner just like he use to in High School. You see we competed with and against one another so much as pups that we had a friendship. We would use anything to our advantage when we played together. So as rivals, I knew what he was doing. We used that trick against other teams when we played together. I knew he didn’t mean it, but no one else did. We still play basketball today at least once a week, winner eats like a king. Losers pays. We don’t use that kind of language anymore, because our sons now play with us. I think we could stand to turn down the sensativity meter a little bit, and let the apology stand for itself. Has anyone asked the ref if he was gay or offended? It was directed at him.

  • AngryBlack

    No gays today ever been forced to sit in the back of a bus or lynched or made a slave. These gays are the first ones to call each other fags. u should hear them talk. I believe Kobe is a conceited idiot but in no way does calling someone a fag equal calling a black man nigger.

    • Pam

      Both words have the same intent: to demean and degrade. Gays have been denied housing, jobs, were murdered by Hitler, beaten and tied to fences and left to die, harassed (to the point of jumping off the GW Bridge) forced to lie in order to be in the military while fighting for our country, denied the right to marry and adopt children. The Gay Rights movement along with the Womens movement were spawned by the Civil Rights movement to demand the same rights offered by an entitled group (white men). Why anyone would think that someone would “choose” a life that has been and still is to a large degree, difficult in our society, is ridiculous. Yes, some gay people come out later in their lives, but that does not mean they weren’t gay all along. Denial is a very powerful thing. The ignorance displayed in the comments here shows why many gay people stay in the closet. It is mind boggling to read some of this stuff and realize it is 2011 and not 1965.

  • thepromised1

    its a choice… quit drinking the kool kids aid… NO SCIENCE ON THIS PLANET supports the claim that people are born with a predisposition to homosexuality. Every study EVER done has been inconclusive all though there are many theories circulating within society. It appears that people who buy into the mainstream’s unfounded knowledge… have latched on to false science in an attempt to circumvent natural order. Natural order of humans is MALE + FEMALE = OFFSPRING, REPRODUCTION is THE primary reason for sex i.e sexual orientation, natural selection, etc and all other forms of Natural order are purely choice and desire driven. I have no problems with what people choose to do, it’s is none of my concern. My concern is that we are basing it on science that does not exist.

    • Brandon

      @thepromised1 you and all the other religious nuts on here are hilarious. It’s so funny you speak with such certitude and arrogance and yet have so little to support it. I guarantee you don’t know anything about science, and therefore you declare it’s unproven. What good is the truth if morons like you automatically dismiss it? Even more ironic is how all of you ultimately prove evolution, because you’re proving the converse. Your comments are indicative of devolution. I know it’s easy to sound smart on the net, but you failed. See, you problem with your wording and views on homosexuality is it looks right from your perspective. But if you’re perspective is flawed, then you really aren’t right. Homosexual reproduction is obviously not natural, but thanks for the lesson professor. However, homosexual *orientation* is natural. Unless you were ever homosexual, then how can you say it’s a choice? I’m 100% heterosexual, and if a man feels the same way about other men as I do about women, it certainly can’t be a choice. I really have no control over my hardwood. I told it to stop when looking at Kim Kardashian, but it wouldn’t listen.

      Your concern is apparently what others choose to do. You people are so transparent. You claim you have no problem with homosexuals, yet you persecute and judge and condemn them with absolutely *no* proof. Maybe your stupidity and gullibility is a choice. Bet you never considered that. Somehow, I bet you’d deny it, yet you’re so certain about what’s natural for others. There’s no way some of these people are sports fans, unless it’s NASCAR. Was that prejudiced? I’m sure you didn’t get the point, and probably wouldn’t even it was poking your ass. Oh, there it went again. It’s so easy to refute and ridicule you for your arguments.

      Quite honestly, I’d rather the species go extinct from homosexuality a la South Park (which is a cartoon; it sounds much more absurd hearing it from “intelligent” “upstanding” people on a blog), then to devolve back into apes because of morons who can’t even spell or understand the meanings behind the words they are *trying* to use. Religious people are pretty contentious on a matter of *biology* when their entire belief system is faith-based. But you have the choice to do anything with the excuse of religion. So stop being so soft. I can’t wait until science produces a time machine, and all of you presumptuous sanctimonious people can finally see the origin of your fantasies. By the way, not that this would be a problem for you promised1, but I hope you’ve never masturbated or had premature sex. Christ, at least be consistent with your fallacious BS.

      All that said, I find it funny Kobe was fined so much. He should be fined just for his excessive use of his tongue. The funniest part is he’s the one that always looks like he’s going to Pau for an open-mouthed kiss. Like I said, it’s funny because it’s so outrageous. He shouldn’t have been fined that much, maybe a quarter of that; and only because it was directed to a ref. I didn’t come here for a debate, as a surprising majority of you have already proven it’d be futile – like gays trying to get pregnant. Ha. I mainly came to piss you off, while still using reason. But since I knew you’d overlook the reason anyway, so why not polarize you even more? At least that way, you’ll understand what it’s like to be ostracized. You know why you right-wing fundamentalists are so self-assured? Because you can’t get assurance from anything else. Ha. I’ve said all this in the name of God, so you can’t blame me for it. Sarcasm, you damn dirty apes.

  • stan

    I was an All-NYC bb player from 1961-1964 and I can never remember either in a game or in the gym or on the playground ever talking to an opposing player. It was all business on the court a la Walt Frazier and others of his ilk. And I came from a working class family. And it’s not that I didn’t curse because I did then and I still do. But never on a bb court. Never!

  • for heaven’s sake

    How about we stick to the subject at hand. This is an opinion piece. They specifically asked one man his opinion about this situation. Evidently you are all able to express your opinion without batting an eyelash. Everybody has to step back and see this for what it is. They asked a homosexual man his opinion about the situation surrounding a homosexual slur, and he answered. Comparing this to religion, race, gender, etc., etc. is immaterial because those questions weren’t asked.

    For those of you who want to call sexual preference a choice, ask yourself this: what is it about your significant other that attracted you to them? I am not homosexual, and quite frankly don’t understand the attraction, but at the same time I know that my husband and I are polar opposites, but something drew us together that is still there after 18 years. I have a hard time believing that there are that many people in the world who would choose to live their lives as virtual outcasts for something as simple as sex.

  • karma

    Millions of Black Americans are offended by the N word, I happen to be one of them.
    I can turn on the TV and here on a comedy the word bi**h. So why was Kobe fined an excessive amount for using a slang. We are being brain washed to accept a life style some of us don’t agree is natural. Fine everyone for offensive language, and be fair.

  • Mr.J & Chantel pretty much hit the nail squarely on the head. I don’t believe in adam and eve anymore because it’s a proven fact that man evolved from ape. I do believe in the scriptures, the good book, bible, or whatever one chooses to call it. In that book it says there’s a supreme being that created us. It says the lord always was and always will be. The human mind can’t even comprehend that. Always was and will always be. Why that’s impossible. Even though i can’t fathom that, i believe it. It also says man should not sleep with another man. That’s a horseshit of an excuse for people to say they were born gay. When my buddy observed my bull dog bent over backwards licking his genitals, and then said wow, i wish i could do that, I didn.t preach beastiality laws to him, i just said you better pet him first. Then i told him he was a sick puppy

  • fingerssfv

    Amaechi is right about the words slung around in sports. Really, in the heat of the moment, there is no true hatred for a gay or bisexual person. All Kobe was getting across was how much he disliked that man and if he were treated fairly, there never would have been this issue. SO don’t hate the (basketball) player, hate the source (the ref) and especially hate the sports columnist named Bill Plaschke (LA Times) who chose to spoke the flames instead of writing about a more positive subject. We have plenty here in LA. The Kings, Dodgers, Angels and Clippers, the Ducks and Lakers. But to attempt to crucify an individual player for a word? A word! When I grew up, I was always told that in England, “fag” meant cigarette. Just remember one thing, why on Earth do we prosecute the defender and not the instigator. If the ref started it, why prosecute Kobe for defending himself? He could have bit*h slapped the ref, but instead used a couple words. WOW! words.I’ve been called worse, but I’m still not sitting around whining, making a big scene about it. Stand up, be a man or mature adult or whatever you want to be called. Just deal with it. Like who really gives a sh*t? Really think the GLBT community is crying about it? Why? Aren’t they capable of taking care of themselves as a whole? Then Plaschke needs to stop self-proclaiming to be the advocator for them and shut his mouth.

  • Give me a break! I am straight and tired of ignorant people saying being gay is a choice. I have seen many children as young as 3 yrs old having homosexual tendencies both boys and girls(they must have made that choice early..lol).And I am really tired of the idiots useing the bible as the answer.Check out everyone elses religions and they have the answer too.I guess science is not as solid as all these religions,and that makes you guys so smart. So, stop judging people so much and live your lives.Treat everyone as equalls and let all your god’s of your many religions decide if they are wrong or right. He can also judge your hate of people,so take a long close look in the mirror…

  • Yanawaraba

    Kobe is a competitor, and like many athletes get emotional while doing their respective jobs/playing their sports. I highly doubt that at the moment he was looking to do nothing more that vent his frustration and anger at the ref in question. So what? Get over it.

    If he had called him a f-ing retard would he have to “apologize” to the handicapped, ooppss handi-capable in out society?

    Sure there is a line that needs to be drawn, but in the heat of a game is not the place it needs to be. I hope the NBA takes the 100,000 and donates it to a group that promotes and teaches about anger management, that’s what “they” need.

  • Geno P.

    Is anyone looking at Overseer David Stern? His “Respect for the Game” is killing Pro Basketball.
    I’ve been a basketball fan since the early 60s. This is an emotional JOB. The workers (players) must be aloud to vent some of these emotions. They are not Robots. Stern is killing the sport and if this continue I will not be watching or spending any money on Pro Basketball.
    “Respect For The Game”, Is this the 21 Century way for saying “The Master Is still In The Big House”???
    I ask this question because most of the people WORKING ON THE FLOOR are descendants of former slaves!
    Where is David Sterns responsibility in this and other Tech call this season?? Is this Respect or just Master wants CONTROL?
    Take a look at the video! Kobe did not do anything to deserve a Tech. He slapped his hands together out of frustration with himself, not looking at the ref, did not point at the ref, did not insult or disrespect the ref. Why was a tech called??
    This is an emotional JOB that is not done by ROBOTS, but by humans. Did Stern ever play any competitive sport?
    Keeping control of the game within limits is what’s needed.
    This “Respect For The Game” is worse than his New Ball in 2006 and we know what happened there!
    This is not to excuse Kobe however, this started with a Tech that should not have been call in the first place.
    Again, where is David Stern’s responsibility in this mess??

  • 1bigute

    Amaechi said that “faggot” is common language when he played ant that It was an everyday word. So what did he do about it then? This fag came out after he retired! He is a 6-10 yellow bellied Brit who did not have the guts to stand up for his supposed “rights”.

  • Supreme

    Men, played at Men level; if your sensitive watch or play golf faggot .Hate what you sissy begging for attention keep crying about. What don’t kill you faggot make you stronger. I dealth with racism all my life but never let it define me. I know who and what I am. You faggot can’t even reproduce so you find ways to bring your paranoi into the mainstream its like they say what you do is your business if you choose to flaunt it then prepare to take some heat ignorence and hate is part of the human culture so suck it up faggot and keep it moving

  • chico

    Homosexuality is not a choice, you are born homo, hetero or bi. But please everyone, being gay is a lifestyle and choice. It is the behavior of man that laws and religions are set to govern. We are ALL born with flaws of some sort and we often recognize the flaw and choose to try to overcome it or not. I am straight but my very best friends are gay. But oddly most were straight and then Bi before turning gay which suggests that if it were not as acceptable as it is, they would not openly act on the urge to be with the same sex. The struggle is then suppression of the physical and psychological urge to have sex with a particular person. It is a struggle, just as it is a struggle for most things in life. But one shouldnt let it define one. We do not readily accept or say we should support people who mess around on their spouses, prostitute themselves, are alchoholics or another addiction, etc…all of which are predispositions we are born and/or struggle with. A segment of our society hates them, a segment of our society tries to help them overcome their struggle. But most agree it is something that needs to be overcome and corrected for the betterment of that person and society.

    Most self-respecting gay men know what Kobe meant because they use the term themselves. Without going into it, self-respecting Gay men despise and have no respect for F–s, just as so-called African Americans despise and have no respect for N—as. They both acknowledge in their respective quarters that the two exist and hurt in similar ways, the two groups and the cause.

    Lastly, the spelling was intentional. N—as has multiple meanings and is almost never hate speak although always and often unknowingly degrading. The word N—er is ALWAYS hate speak and though its meaning is not really clear, the intent is always to hurt.

    Bless the children.

  • chico

    A Gay icon recently stated…

    After all these years I have grown to understand that…Man is not not homosexual or heterosexual. Man is merely sexual.

    Stern needs to clean-up all the foul language that is constantly uttered on the court. I am offended and am uncomfortable because of all the F-bombs, MF- bombs, N-bombs, and S-bombs, constantly being not dropped but thrown down.

  • greystone

    You know, this just kills me. Athletes calling people names? Oh the horror. I am a huge Kobe fan, and Laker fan. I have previously played sports, Hockey namely, and I know that in the heat and anger of the moments I have undoubtedley called another player, coach, ref, and several teammates that much or worse. And to beat it all, I am gay.
    Always have been even when I was playing. Lets not be so critical here. I have heard worse from 4th and 5th grade kids.Women call each other bitch, slut, “c’s” .African Americans call each other by the “N”word, Men call each other queer, queen,dick, and a few other hyphenated words all the time. Kobe is human. I find it odd that I can’t be the only one who is not offended by this and I am “one of them”. Oddly it is kind of funny.
    Kobe – go for it, you apologized, Fans still love you. They will get over it.

  • Mike

    All I know is that I could never “choose” to be gay. I suppose I could choose to have sex with another man, but since I am not attracted to them… Whether homosexuality is caused by a gene or early life experiences, it doesn’t matter. It is still not a choice. They could choose to ignore their wants and desires, but why should they? Don’t give me religion as an excuse. If they are devout in any religion which denounces it, they will smother their impulses. If they are not, it is their choice. If you think they will burn in hell as a result, it isn’t your problem. The word Kobe used was meant to belittle and demean, therefore he was punished. If he would have been a white player using the ‘N’ word to a black referee, the results would have been the same.

  • Blaq

    The fact is, if the ref had used the N-word to refer to Kobe, he would probably have lost his job. Something HAD to be done and the league had to at least ACT like it was doing something. Even though these actions might seem empty, they do have some impact.

    There is always going to be trash talking in sports. Especially if the players are really into the game they are playing. Anyone who has ever played a very physical sport knows that emotions can run wild when adrenaline and blood and sweat and ego and muscles start pumping. Its only natural. The only way to curb it completely is to have people play with tape over their mouths. or fine them enough and they’ll stop. either way we’ve come a long way from the drawn out fist fights on the court (like Bird and Dr J)

  • Kevin

    as one studying medicine, just to clarify here that homosexuality is not necessarily a choice. our textbooks have pointed out that both homosexual men and heterosexual women have smaller sized anterior hypothalamus than heterosexual men, and thus may explain the sexual orientation. it’s not definite yet, but it’s highly likely that homosexuality is a multifactorial trait (gene+environment), just like diabetes type II and whatnot.

    and I think many aren’t getting why the homosexual community isn’t happy with Kobe’s slur. It’s not about whether Kobe meant it or not, but rather, the fact that the word is still being used as a derogatory term at someone.

    And I do hope that Lakers 3PEAT!

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