Recently, a Cosby Sweaters staffer traveled to the great state of Indiana to assess the state of the Indianapolis Pacers. The team actually looked pretty good as it handily defeated the Atlanta Hawks. Roy Denzil Hibbert looked particularly strong.

On the floor, rookie Tyler Hansbrough looked solid. The workout warrior was knocking down the midrange jumper, and he displayed all the intangibles he was known for at North Carolina.

But we at Cosby Sweaters aren’t satisfied with on-the-court analysis. We go deeper. This time, our investigation took us to a local Indianapolis coffee shop, where Mr. Hansbrough stopped in for a cup of coffee. That’s Tyler there, in the background on the left side of the photo:

Tyler walked in, ordered and received his beverage, and then walked out. Pretty unremarkable, until we asked the barista how the transaction went. The barista said that Hansbrough was on the phone during the entire order, and that he didn’t tip at all, despite the obvious presence of a tip jar.

Come on, Tyler! We know you’re only earning $1,998,600 this year (and about $3 million each of the next two). That makes you “poor” in NBA terms. But toss a buck or two to your fellow Hoosiers when they serve you a caffeinated beverage. And get off that phone!