The Orlando Magic went into Charlotte and came out with their 50th win, a 111-102 overtime effort led by 25 points from Gilbert Arenas. The win wasn’t without its flaws as the Magic overcame Dwight Howard’s 18th technical foul and a Quentin Richardson ejection after Q-Rich shoved Gerald Henderson in the face with both hands…to incite that kind of reaction, Henderson had to have said something sideways about Brandy or Rudy Huxtable.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”368″][/youtube]

  • afdb

    When will the league realize that Quentin Richardson is a dirty and bad temper hater. Please watch this guy, he is bad for the league.

  • Canadian

    not to mention he slept with steve nash’s ex wife….
    2 time mvp! how you gunna play a white man like that! psh some slam dunk champ wanna be getting the spot light. obviously bad for the league if this is the way he’s know to play

    • Ronnie

      it was Jason Richardson

  • arky

    that was jason richardson