Every month a new “fun facts” board goes up here at my office.  It is themed for the month and features fun facts about the employees that fit in with the theme.  This month’s theme is baseball.  One of the girls I work with posted this as her fun fact:


In case you can’t read it, it says “I have dated 9 guys that play baseball.  I’m thinking about getting them all together to form a new baseball team.”

My question is this – what would that team be named?  Thoughts?


  • Ed

    Double Baggers?

  • Kyle

    Maybe name it: “no whoresing around”

  • Sweater Afficionado

    Sliding Out of Home Plate

  • matt

    “walk” of shames

  • Whitt112

    Run Guzzlers

  • Matt

    Nappy Dugouts

  • MER

    What a skonka

  • TheDoctor

    Easy Triple