Drunk Woman one night stand Baby

Allow me to share a short but  EXTRAORDINARY story with you!

So we all know at least 1000 reasons not to get so smashed that we don’t remember what happened. Most of them involve waking up somewhere that is not a bed, or at least not our own bed, or finding out that according to facebook, we are dating the guy who delivers our 2am pizzas. Most of them turn into funny drunken stories that we won’t mind telling our parents when we are forty and have not been living under their roof for a number of years. Here is one reason that might have you making friendship pacts with everyone you know to never let you get this drunk.

One 22 year old decided to go out drinking, taking her 2 year old baby with her -1st clue you have
gone too far.

She got extremely drunk and decided to accompany a man home (along with her 2 year old) – 2nd
clue you’ve gone too far.

In the morning she snuck out of her one night stand’s house (first normal thing she’s done) but she
forgot her BABY – Um WTF!!!

Later that day when a neighbour asked about her child, she realised that she had no idea where he was – She must have had one hell of a hangover!

After searching her neighbourhood, asking all her family and reporting her missing baby to the police, she remembered her escapades and realised that she left her baby with her illustrious one night stand (who very strangely had, up until this point, not realised that he had a little guest in his dwelling.) – I hope they took the baby away from her.

She told reporters that she just went out on Monday night to have a few drinks – This woman should never drink again neither should she have a baby again either.


Drunk Women on the Floor passed out

By Sparklingjem via Stuff-about.com

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