In case you missed it, Charles Barkley has been going #H.A.M as of late. Tonight he went in on the Miami Heat and Billy Packer. One Night. One Man. Fire.

Sir Charles tells the Miami Heat to stop bitching and crying like little girls:

(video via Barstool NYC)

Barkley tells Billy Packer to stop being a jacka** regarding recent criticism over the TNT crew’s lack of NCAA hoops knowledge:

  • ragg

    Barkley is an idiot,this is the same guy who got himself traded to the suns, then force a trade to go join forces with the dream, Clyde and Pip and now he’s bashing those guys. Pippen was right when he said Barkley was lazy.

  • kenny

    barkley sucks as a commentator and in his basketball career..poor guy, he should have win a ring and a championship before he talked shit! obviously a jealous douche who hasn’t accomplished anything….what a joke lmao! 😀