ToewsIf this doesn’t get you excited for the NHL Playoffs, not much else will. Last year’s “History WIll Be Made” campaign was so successful that the NHL has brought it back and increased its distribution by a large amount. Last season’s playoffs had a record 302 million TV viewers, the most the NHL has had in 36 years. The first spot which is showed below will air during the NBA telecast of the Chicago Blackhawks v. the Washington Capitals on March 13th. Enjoy the sneak peek below.

Said Brian Jennings, NHL Executive Vice President of Marketing:

“The Stanley Cup Playoffs are filled with drama, the emotional highs and lows of crucial wins and
losses, the unbearable tension of sudden death overtime and performances that can define a career forever,” “Last season, the History Will Be Made campaign, which celebrated some of the iconic moments that make the Stanley Cup Playoffs so special, elicited an overwhelming emotional reaction from our fans. Fans brought handmade History Will Be Made signs to games and shared their own versions of the campaign on YouTube. Players even referenced the campaign in post-game interviews. This year, by taking a truly collaborative approach on creative, production and media with NBC Sports and VERSUS, we expect the campaign to continue to reach and resonate with even more fans, further helping to drive interest and viewership.”

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