BSC - Week 8

Good morning, folks!  Another week in the Big Skeezy Challenge 2011 has passed. We’re now eight full weeks into the challenge and so far everything has been going pretty well.  This week, however, presented an entirely new set of challenges – an antsy Friday night, a Saturday that may or may not have spun out of control and a Sunday surrounded by friends and a big ol’ family dinner.  How did The Skeeze do?  Let’s break it down:

Going into the last week of February I was a bit unhappy with the month’s results.  I know that losing the weight that I have in the time I have done it is a great feat, but I also know that I could do better.  I lost twenty pounds in January and set my sights on repeating that feat in the shortened month of February.  The week started off very well, as I hit the gym on Tuesday (not pictured) but missed it on Wednesday due to some other things I needed to take care of.  I hit it pretty hard the rest of the week, though, and the chart below does not reflect a Friday session I had because the DigiFit sensor came loose in my pocket while I has hitting the weight circuit:

Up up and away

Friday night was an interesting one.  I hit the gym and then met up with my pal Kyle.  He was feeling a bit run down and I was feeling antsy.  I just had that burn in me like I wanted to go and do something but Kyle was less convinced.  We decided to hit the local market and grab some food (rotisserie chicken for me) and then picked up some adult-themed beverages of which we figured we’d have a few while watching more episodes of “The Wire”.  We did so, flipping back and forth to the Lakers/OKC game in the meantime.  The fourth quarter hit and my “antsy” had hit a new level. We decided to venture out into the world and watch the end of the game.  We got back home around 2:30AM.  Yup.  That good.

I slept in until noon on Saturday and we had decided, once again, to have a quiet evening.  We had spoken with Cosby Sweaters’ legal counsel and invited him to join us for a marathon run on “Friday Night Lights”.  Everything was in place until about 1:30 PM when our friend (who we’ll call “Ross”) called and invited us over to “Ross’ Day Drinking Gala”.  It was difficult to say no to that, so we hit the gym and rolled over there.  We spent the afternoon in the company of men watching college basketball and getting Jimmered.  Around 6:30 or so it was off to get some dinner and then to a local tavern to see the sights.  Again, it was about 2:00 AM when we returned.  How was the night?  Here’s the scene from the next morning:

Oh boy

You should have seen the kitchen.  Yikes.

Sunday was a bit more low-key.  I had dinner with the usual gang while we watched the Oscars (between long and frequent flips to the Knicks/Heat game – suck it, Lebron) and had a nice little dinner.  It was chicken stroganoff, which was delicious but not exactly good for the BSC.  I also might have eaten some gummi worms, but I can neither confirm nor deny that.  If I were a betting man, however, I’d lean towards “confirm”.

After the weekend I felt the way I have the last few weeks – nervous about Tuesday and curious as to why I keep doing that.  I mean, I know why I keep doing it – it’s fun.  I just need to balance it out and not go so H.A.M. on the nightlife for two straight days.  I felt so bad about it, in fact, that I went ballistic at the gym yesterday, working out for 45 minutes and buring 876 calories in the process.  I need to do that more often.  I’ve found that the gym clears my head and tends to center me a bit.  I was feeling a bit out of sorts yesterday, stemming mostly from the events of the weekend and once I finished my workout I felt a lot better.  I still wasn’t excited for this morning, though.

As always, I awoke and went right to the scale.  I needed seven pounds to hit my February goal of 20 pounds lost.  I climbed aboard, punched my ticket and found that…

…I’d lost three more pounds.  I was four short, unfortunately, but I’m still pleased with the forward progress.

Week Eight’s weight loss brings the total on the year to 36 pounds.  Not terrible, but I can do better.

See you next week!