Facebook Breakup Notifier

Let’s face it, one of the most interesting things about Facebook is a person’s “relationship status.” It can be an invitation for the hunt or a detour sign to start looking elsewhere. Do you ever find yourself refreshing the same person’s profile page hoping their relationship status changes to “single”? If so, you’re pathetic—there’s a much better way to do it.

Using Breakup Notifier you can be the first person to know when the person or people of your choosing are no longer in a relationship. Getting started is simple. You signup for Breakup Notifier (www.breakupnotifer.com) using your Facebook account and select the people you’re interested in knowing when their relationship status changes. As soon as they change their relationship status you are notified via email and you can do whatever you do next. Once you get the email that the person is no longer in a relationship, don’t approach them too quickly—you’ll come across as creepy. And being that you are creepy for using this, you might want to address some other things about yourself first.