I don’t buy into conspiracy theories.  There are no aliens in Roswell, the world will still be here after 2012, and the NSA doesn’t use childhood vaccinations as a cover to insert tracking chips into all of us.  But sometimes you see something that doesn’t look quite right and just have to ask yourself what’s really going on.

World Series Champion San Francisco Giant Brian Wilson is famous.  More specifically Brian Wilson’s beard is famous.  Brian Wilson would never shave his beard.  Or would he.  Because Brian Wilson is also an irreverent prankster.  I’m not saying Brian Wilson is wearing a fake beard, I’m just saying go to the one-minute mark of this video and focus on the soul patch region just below the bottom lip:

Maybe I’ve been watching too much CSI but those roots don’t match the treetops and look a lot like the adhesive you see on fake facial hair.

Could it be the light?  Yes.  Could it be a bad dye job?  Of course.  But could we all be victims of the greatest hoax in facial hair history?  Unlikely, but not un-possible.

You make the call, is Wilson pulling the greatest joke of all time or is he still rocking the real deal?  You make the call.