The young bucks (Blake Griffin, Demar Derozan, Serge Ibaka and JaVale McGee) brought some life back to the NBA dunk contest this year. Perhaps it was the setting, but they brought some Hollywood and theatrics back to the competition to crown the league’s best dunker. Here is every dunk in full speed and slow motion to show just how impressive some of this year’s dunks were:

  • Eric

    Worst music i’ve ever heard for a replay of a dunk contest!!! Really?


    u niggahs besta quit hatin. thats why its ALL STAR biayatches!

  • That was some super slam dunks. Especially jumping over the car.
    As for you Eric, I don’t think anyone was listening to the music being play, they were
    watching Blake Griffin jump over car to win. With all the cheering you usually can’t hear
    anything. Unless you were really listening for music.

  • MMT

    although there were some awesome dunks by other players, the combo of the alll-star weekend being held in L.A. and jumping over the hoodof a car, catching aball thrown from the sunroof and slammin’ it home all in one smooth motion far and away deserved the prize.
    My boy Blake is awesome-I watch all the Clippers games I can and i am a born and raised Bulls fan. Blake puts on a show everytime he plays by given 100% effort,up and down the ourt for the length of the game.