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Want to Surf Anywhere? Now You Can Thanks to Man-Made Waves

Man made wave

Wave Garden is an ingenious company that literally is making waves around the world. They create realistic surfing conditions anywhere that doesn’t already have waves. Check out the video below and here is a more in depth explanation.

Instant Engineering Company presents Wavegarden®. Our vision gives people of all ages and surfing levels the ability to enjoy a beach environment and a real surfing experience…beyond the oceans of the world. Wavegarden’s cutting edge technology allows for the creation of a broad and customisable range of authentic surfing waves in a safe and natural environment. This cost effective and environmentally friendly wave generation technology is now available to the public and for the first time makes economically-viable inland wave sports and lifestyle facilities possible.

Wavegarden (Short) from wavegarden on Vimeo.

Wavegarden (Short) from wavegarden on Vimeo.