You think you’ve seen Leonardo DaVinci’s The Last Supper? Well you haven’t seen The Last Supper until you’ve seen it done in dryer lint.  Bow down before Dryer Lint Jesus:


Laura Bell of Roscommon, Michigan created a 14-foot replica of the famous painting using dryer lint:

Bell estimates she spent 700-800 hours just doing laundry to get the lint she needed. But over the seven month period, she was usually seeing the same color. She ended up buying towels in various colors, searching for just the right orange for Philip the apostle, and washing and drying them separately to get lint with just the right tint.

While you look at the fuzz coming out of your dryer and get annoyed you have to dispose of it, Ms. Bell looks at it and sees the potential for fine art. So you may mock someone who spends more than a solid 24/7 month doing laundry but know that that laundry was done in the interest of creating something beautiful.


The piece was eventually sold to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

Via GoodNewsNetwork