BSC 2011 - Week Two

Good morning, everyone!  Week two is now in the books and things are moving along pretty well, I must say.  It’s not easy, as there are so many delicious things I won’t eat any longer, but all in all I’m happy with the results so far.  Let’s break it down:

After my nine pound drop in week one I knew that week two wasn’t going to offer quite the same dramatic results.  The first week is always the big one, as that’s when your body is flushing out all of that crap you’ve been ingesting for lord knows how long.  I was curious to see how much I’d lose in week two.

I settled into a pretty good routine during week two.  My daily regimen consists of a good, brisk walk in the morning though that walk sometimes ends up happening in the evening, depending on when I wake up.  I do still enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, coupled with my usual oatmeal.  After that it’s seeds and maybe one of the Atkins bars I keep at my desk.  For lunch it’s generally the same thing – a grilled chicken titty on a bed of greens with a bit of bleu cheese dressing.  In fact, let’s talk about that for a moment.  In the morning when my alarm goes off I get up and, before I shower, I plug in the Foreman grill and put the frozen chicken boob on it.  By the time I’m showered and dressed for work it’s done, at which point I cut it up, throw it on the salad I’ve placed in my handy Tupperware-like container and off I go.  No muss, no fuss.  For those of you without a Foreman grill, I highly recommend you get one.  It changes everything.

For dinner I generally stick to something easy, like an omelet or a salmon fillet.  I’ve found that keeping dinner light is helping me sleep better and wake up without feeling like a damned zombie.  Truth be told, now that I’m two weeks in I’m finding that my energy levels are up and I’m sleeping much more soundly.  When the alarm goes off in the morning I don’t want to smash everything around me, so that’s a plus.

With every check in comes the weekly weigh-in.  How did Big Skeeze do this week?

Four pounds!

It was a 50% drop off from the first week but, again, the first week is always the big one.  Coupled with the nine pounds I dropped week one the grand total for the BSC 2011 is 13 pounds.  Not bad.  That’s almost a pound a day.

I think I could have dropped more, actually, had I not had a couple of days where I wasn’t entirely behaved.  Last Friday I saw a friend I hadn’t seen for some time and ingested a bit of whiskey.  Sunday I had a reunion with my California family at which I possibly had a couple more bloody marys than was part of my nutritional plan.  The key, though, is to recognize it and move on.  After those two days I felt a little off, so apparently there’s something to this health and fitness crap.

I want to thank you all for your continued support.  It means a lot to me.  Here’s to another successful week!  Tune in next Tuesday for the Week Three recap!