Break Up With Ex

Did you get your heartbroken in 2010? Are you looking for a fresh start with women or men in 2011? Can’t keep yourself from stalking your ex on Facebook and/or Twitter? Well there’s a solution. Ex-blocker. Ex-blocker is a customizable plugin for your web browser that will automatically filter out your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend on the internet. Gone are the days of your OCD getting the best of you when you try to visit their Facebook page…it won’t come up. Trying to see all the guys she’s tweeting at? Too bad, they won’t come up either. Get the Ex-blocker now before a restraining order gets you!

  • Giving mums “alone time” is the best gift one can find! 🙂

  • Cristina

    This post is GREAT!!! I agree with everything you said. Especially overnight diapers and the video monitor. Our video monitor has been a blessing because our son Jacob makes A LOT of noises when he’s fast asleep. It’s saved me many trips to his room and the risk of waking him up due to a door that needs some oiling at the hinges lol.

    Cristina Cole