What TV Shows took home the biggest ratings in 2010?

• Glee’s biggest eisode was on April 13 with “Hell-O” (13.7 million viewers).

• Glee‘s 2nd biggest was Sept. 28’s Spears-boosted “Britney/Brittany” (13.5 million).

• The Real Housewives franchise hit a new high) with Aug. 30’s New Jersey reunion shoving match (3.9 million).

• Jersey Shore came in huge with Sept. 30’s SnookiAngelina disagreement brawl (6.7 million).

•  Keeping Up With the Kardashians somehow set a new network record on Feb. 28 (4.8 million).

• Vampire Diaries was the top CW drama; the top Vampire Diaries was Feb. 4’s “Children of the Damned” (4 million).

• True Blood was the top vampire show; the top True Blood was Aug. 29’s “Fresh Blood” (5.4 million).

• Zombies topped vampires, thanks to The Walking Dead, which topped out with Dec. 5’s season finale (6 million).

• American Idol, which averaged 24.8 million for its Tuesday shows, topped everything.

• The Jan. 18 iCarly special, iSaved Your Life, was cable’s No. 1 entertainment show (12.4 million).

• Saturday Night Live’s biggest guest host was  Betty White (12.1 million on May 8).

• For the fall season through Dec. 5, the broadcast show that added, on average, the most DVR viewers after a week’s worth of playback was Modern Family.

• The most-watched animated holiday special was Charlie Brown Christmas Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (12.2 million

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  • Nice! In all the busyness of life for our family around the holidays my wife and I have been tapping into regular Skyping with grandparents. It’s been really nice. Holiday will either bring out the rough edges of extended family engagement or smooth those edges out it seems. For us, the Skyping has smoothed some of those prickly edges out with inlaws and extended family.

    Great ideas!

  • Experiential gifting (particularly presence) is hard to wrap but always THE most memorable. You might like this related one I wrote about wrapping up the gift of time in a media package: http://www.shapingyouth.org/wrapping-up-the-gift-of-time-in-a-media-package/ (outdated w/GG no longer on the air, but the theme still works…

    We did a ‘zipline’ outing recently that the teen counted as her ‘all time fave’ and I think the dad-n-daughter duo for bonding time is priceless…you have me thinking about what I can put under the tree for them to experience together this year.