Quarterback is generally considered to be the smartest guy on the field but Washington QB and former Heisman hopeful Jake Locker seems totally confused by the BCS system.  It seems that Locker’s understanding is that, despite a 4-6 record,  the Huskies are in fact ranked #1.  The pictures from last night’s UW-UCLA game tell the story:


Pre-Game: Nope, not ranked before kickoff


Post Game: Still below .500 for the season, still not ranked #1

Someone owes it to Jake to explain the difference between “headed to the national championship game in Glendale” and “could slink into a lower-tier bowl with two more wins” before he gets himself in trouble.

  • Sammy

    It’s about an attitude, not a specific ranking. We all understand that.

    • RJL

      I think the writers translation is incorrect, from where I sit it appears his finger is pointing to Heaven acknowlegding his creator, you see Jake is a man of God. Now you know the real story! The Paul Harvey Story. Have a great day.

  • Spoon Love

    This article is whiny. This is the crap sports reporters put out when they like usual, have nothing important to say. He must get paid by the word. FOX, fire this dillwad.

  • Ritchie

    this author is a doushbag… he doesnt have anything to write about so he tries to bring jake down. yes he is a man of god and im sure he could care less about being number one or anything, he is grateful just to be playing the sport he loves.!

  • Tooter

    Locker is as always a second rate crybaby quarterback, all the way back to his Ferndale days. He is pointing out his only fan, his mom and she is questionable.
    The Huskies deserve to be in a bowl game like Notra Dame deserves to be in a bowl game–NOT! These two should play each other every year in the “Who Gives a S**t Bowl” at a neutral site landfill in Ogden Utah! They could cover it live on NCR where no one goes to listen! These two powerhouses make college football look bad, real bad.