Gotta feel for this little guy. Not because he looks like Opie Cunningham, but because his parent’s probably dropped $500 to take him to the game; took off work early; another $100 for concessions; and what does the young man get? An absolute implosion by the home team. Kid deserves better.

  • oscar_e_c

    Wow, i’m not sure how i would react. Disciplined of course, but afterwards a real long talk regarding control and how a lack of it can ruin lives. I think it would be easier to be the father of the kid who was punched.

  • Did you hear the mother at the end? “What??” I truly hope I am not that parent while attending my teenage son’s games…..
    What a jerk kid.

  • Moto

    As a dad, I’d probably be on the news for whooping the kids ass.

  • dadoftwo21

    Nice work by the ref for seeing the punch, quickly calling the technical foul and ejecting that kid for the season. No room for antics like that in youth sports.