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A food safety inspection by Scottish authorities revealed horrible conditions at a property owned by former president Doanld Trump, according to a report from Martyn McLaughlin of The Scotsman.

Dirty chopping boards and appliances, food handlers failing to properly wash their hands, and sausage meat found to be nearly three months out of date were just some of the issues exposed by health inspectors.

As McLaughlin noted, these issues would be concerning for an everyday café, let alone one of the world’s leading resorts owned by a former president.

Authorities told the Aberdeenshire property that it had to make a “raft of improvements … after an array of cleanliness of food and safety issues saw the high-end hotel and golf resort fail to achieve a [passing] grade under a national food hygiene scheme.”

The former president has hailed Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire as “among the greatest” resorts in the world. But inspectors found “a build-up of dirt and debris in various areas of the kitchen, including beneath fryers, a fridge, and a shelving unit beside the oven.”

A local authority told management at the resort that the final verdict on the report was “disappointing.”

The world was quick to react to the shocking report: