Donald Trump John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Former United States President Donald Trump is an avid golfer and he loves to brag about his performance on the links. But a recent video that has gone viral on social media casts some heavy doubt on some of the impressive accomplishments Trump claims.

This week, a video surfaced that shows Donald Trump playing a round of golf. In the video, Trump is seen on the green with his ball several feet from the hole. But instead of attempting a putt, which was by no means a gimme putt, he decided just take it as a gimme and pull the ball into the hole with his club.

The video was shared on X, the social media website previously known as Twitter, by the account “NUCLR GOLF.”

“Easy work on the greens for [Donald Trump],” NUCLR GOLF said in a tweet over the weekend.

Obviously, the pretty shocking video went viral on social media as a result, generating more than 1.8 million views over just a few days.

Earlier this month, Trump claimed to have won the Senior Club Championship at his Bedminster course, reporting that he shot an eye-popping score of 67 on one round, which would have been a better score than Phil Mickelson shot on the course just two weeks beforehand.

Videos like this put that score very much in doubt.