Joe Biden President Joe Biden speaks during the State of the Union address from the House chamber of the United States Capitol in Washington.

Last week, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre spoke on behalf of the Joe Biden administration regarding the issue of transgender athletes in women’s sports, but one NCAA athlete was not happy with what the White House had to say.

Jean-Pierre didn’t give a clear answer to this question, rather opting to call the topic “a complicated issue” with “no yes or no answer.”

That answer was not good enough for Lee University volleyball player Macy Petty, who is also an ambassador for Young Women for America, as she blasted the Joe Biden administration for that response.

“The Concerned Women for America presidential promise is very simple. It confirms that sex is binary and only women can get pregnant. I am looking forward to seeing candidates continue to sign this and promise that these truths will be upheld. I am sick of the current administration just leaving women behind as they cater to the one percent that identifies as transgender,” Petty said according to Fox News.

“I say that it is not complicated. They are called girls sports for a reason. They are only for girls. It is embarrassing frankly to sit here as an American and a female athlete to have the President of the United States sit here and celebrate male intrusion in female athletics.”

It’s a pretty clear message from the NCAA athlete.

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